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Thread: some of my life as a crossdresser

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    some of my life as a crossdresser

    Just to let you all know this could be long or short (depends what's on my mind when I type)

    So to what I recall I've now been dressing on & off since I was 11 (28 years now)

    Through my years of youth I was caught out by my family & did some silly things (like forgetting I had an an item under my t-shirt & then getting the t-shirt set at the beach)

    After I started dressing my desire was strong & even after my mum got mad that I was taking & wearing her clothes & put a lock on her door, I still found ways as a young adult when no one else was home by climbing through my bedroom window (even when I had a broken collarbone)

    Even at 39 I still live at home with my mum (i'm still very single as well) & when it comes to my immediate family (mum, 2 brothers, 2 sister in law's & 2 nieces & a nephew) I'm very much really in the closet. My mum doesn't mind if I do dress at home, but really it must be in places where those that walk past don't see (which I just do when my mum isn't home) & especially if someone else is in the house.

    When it comes to my friends, except my Christian friends that know, the female friends (online & in person) e supportive & I especially love when they such good things when I post pics on my female Facebook profile.

    To finish this off, officially I have actually been out 3 times while dressed, 1at was while I was with another crossdresser in her car in the daytime (but I was too nervous to get out of her, except for back at my house), 2nd was with another crossdresser in the daytime & we went to a cafe that's supportive of the LGBT community & the last time was with some of my female friends & we went to a nightclub. I personally hope that I get to go out with some more of my female friends again locally to me or in another city within New Zealand.

    I did say it could be long or short, but if I wanted to open up more, it would be longer than this

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    Nice of you to share. Apparently you feel good doing it and you don't fight it so as many here would tell you, go with it. Many of us spent half a life in anguish trying to figure out what we were and was it wrong only to get to the same place you are. Enjoy
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    Welcome to this site. I hope you find experiences and suggestions here that will be helpful to you.

    New Zealand is a pretty tolerant place and I would think you can live as much of your desired life style as you want. There are other New Zealand members on this site and I'm sure once they see your post they will give you some ideas.

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    thanks & I would love to hear from other New Zealand members.

    (silly me deleted other post)

    as it said before though I don't often enfemme & doesn't help that I don't drive (I do have girly things skirts, dresses, lingerie, etc) I wear more of the likes of women's cut pants/jeans, tops, underwear that I can as my everyday self, because I still want to feel femme inside & I would for work if I didn't have a work uniform

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    i once did fight it, after before at my church found out 2nd hand from a former member (but that led me in depression at the time). I only tired to fight it, because I was asked to leave something I enjoyed doing (which was involved within a young group as a leader)

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    Auckland is a great city, so to Wellington, (okay CHCH not so much since the earthquake).
    Actually it's all a great country to be looking pretty in.
    When you go out, just remember it takes balls to be a crossdresser
    See all my photos, read many stories of my outings and my early days at

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