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Thread: CD's is dressing fun for u or not?

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    New Member Lizeth's Avatar
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    May 2011
    I do enjoy it. But for me, it's relaxing. I can just unwind and be myself. It's like a mini vacation. It makes a day off that more refreshing. If I go to the mall, and something catches my eye I can go and look at it without getting weird looks. I'm lucky in that I have an amazing SO and a few GG friends to hang out with, which makes it all the more comfortable.

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    Aug 2016
    My stress comes from having my wife surprise me. She now knows (I left some items out and completely forgot) and we're going through the "understanding" phase.

    Dressing, on the other hand, feels so liberating and not stressful, if that makes sense?

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    Osaka, Japan
    I think that when I started to go out dressed there was that "fun" aspect. Over the years, however, it has become something I do because only when dressed to I feel I am the real me. I still look forward to the ocassions when I can go out dressed. It might be fun on those occasions when I try out something new or different from my normal style, so I cannot rule out the "fun" aspect.
    It is just something I do because it makes me feel relaxed and normal.

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    For many years I had fun with crossdressing, but I had a serious dose of reality back in May when I went to a Transgender event. Lets just say I haven't recovered and probably never will.....

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    absolutely fun for me.

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    My dressing is fun regardless of the fact I do it every day. I think that being an optimist helps too.

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    one of my good friends said once..." This is supposed to be fun" ..when i was stressing over some bully ish know what ? She was right........

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    How and why I dress is a bit different than many here. I am not creating anything. I am not transforming into anything or anyone. I do not go out in public. While I have done a full transformation a couple of times and yes, I did like it, It is a more complete feeling, but it still didn't feel a whole lot different than if I do what I more typically do which is just something partial. Maybe even just painting my nails. For me, it is just an expression. Typically I do not put a whole lot of effort into it. It is just a relaxing calm feeling, which can be fun to a degree for me. But my real reason for dressing is just expressing the femininity I have within.
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