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Thread: is this wrong and stereotypical for a cable show to do this?

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    Red face is this wrong and stereotypical for a cable show to do this?

    Porn star Vanity aka Miriam had a dating show on cable TV .it did not last. Vanity is young .vanity is preop and Many Guys did not like the surprise. They sued

    there's something about miriam

    Here is the plot! it plays into the fears and phobias of men are its just entertainment?

    There's Something About Miriam (2004– )
    TV Series | 60 min | Documentary
    Episode Guide
    A group of average British guys compete to win the affections of the beautiful Miriam. The twist is that the object of their pursuit is in fact a transsexual.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]
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    So men went on a show to find a woman.
    A woman, I presume to fall in love with, have babies with, have a future, grow old with.

    But the show gave them something a LOT different - glad they made money from the setup.
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    Disappointing! No pics of Mirium on either those links--
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    This is wrong but why did the girl agree to do this show?

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    Why do you keep bringing this up? Twice in two days.

    I don't think this forum area is really the place to discuss the morality of television shows

    Closed because it should be in media. If you want to generically discuss transpeople baiting others
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