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Thread: Being dressed in front of SO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lena View Post
    Most of the time, it's only a bland polo dress that I'm wearing.


    Since I've come out to my wife, she wears dresses more often.
    Ha, awesome!

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    I kind of relate to that when i was about 30 my wife knew i loved to dress but didn't like it she had a friend this girl friend offered to do my makeup so we tried it i was on cloud nine she made me look so good and i felt great around her but i didnt want my wife to see me the friend told me to get dressed and come down the stairs so my wife could see it took alot of coaxing to get me down stairs and when i got down her friend said i looked great my wife didnt look at me much we we went to bed the morning she told me she never wanted to see me like that again that was 35 years ago and she hasnt look at me ever again im still with her i love her we raised 4 kids im sad that she cant accept this part of me but as i have gotten older i see i need my happiness too so i dress when ever i can for my own peace of mind .all i ever wanted is to share this part of me with the one i loved.may be the next life

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    My wife is also very accepting even encouraging at times. I too can sometimes feel awkward and very shy being around her when dressed. It seems to go away after a while. But the feeling of submissiveness sometimes gets stronger. I cant seem to be comfortable freshening my makeup in front of her even though she was the one that suggested to me to try wearing it and is the one thats bought it for me and even showed me how to use a lash curler and liquid eye liner.

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    Firstly I'm pretty sure you know how lucky you are to have a GF that is cool with it. My GF is cool with my dressing and the first time I dressed in front of her I was so nervous that I felt stupid and almost backed out. But I didn't and the more I did it the easier it became and the closer we got to eachother One of the reasons I think she is cool about it is because she recognised that I was sharing something very personal to me almost on a spiritual level and she appreciated my honesty and whole heartedness about it all. So what I suggest you do is run with it, dress up as often as you can and feel that thrill of excitement you feel alone, but instead with your GF. Good luck and I hope you both have many girly nights out together
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    My SO too knows about my dressing and she is okay with it. I once playfully told her we could play dress up together and I even would speak to her dressed on the phone. I've been with her almost 5 years but somehow now I feel I don't think I can or want to dress up in front of her. When I'm dressed I become very girly and feminine its just not how I want her to see me because I think it's enough she accepts me as I am and I want to be the man that she loves and likes for her so I keep the dressing to myself. It could change in the years to come but as for now I would not be comfortable dressing in front of her.

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    For those who can dress around their wives but are afraid to or feel awkward doing so, let me make this suggestion:

    Forget the six inch heels, forget the heavy makeup and forget the fancy jewelry and "going to the club" outfit. Dress like your wife does around the house. A simple, casual dress or blouse and skirt (or even jeans), simple jewelry, flats and just enough makeup to cover your beard shadow, along with just enough lipstick to bring out your lips.

    Act like you would normally act around her. Don't try to be "girly", don't try to use a female voice, etc. It will be easier on her and easier on you.

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    My wife doesn't like it. She caught me recently and she insisted that I had another woman here that she saw. I changed quickly but didn't cover my painted toenails.

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    I am dressed while in the company of my wife quite often. However, like others have said, transforming into Misty while she's watching is uber awkward. I prefer to put on panties, bra and forms, and something over them before I emerge as Misty. Just something about the transformation process I don't like sharing.

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    I am just jealous of you all just having someone, eapecially and acepting , on some level, someone. I have been single almost 4 yrs now.

    Your stories do inspire hope i may find one like my ex wife again some day.
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    As a couple of others have said, I don't feel awkward being dressed in front of my wife, but for some reason feel awkward getting dressed in front of her - I'd rather do that in private. I also feel more relaxed shopping for fem stuff on my own than with her, although I do enjoy our shopping dates.

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    I always feel a little uncomfortable around my partner while dressed. She is totally supportive but I know she fell in love with a guy's guy so that makes me think twice about dressing too often around her.

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    Like several others have said, I'd rather transform privately, but have no problem with her seeing me fully transformed. She is supportive but doesn't participate. She has no problem with my OTT style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol View Post
    I always feel a little uncomfortable around my partner while dressed. She is totally supportive but I know she fell in love with a guy's guy so that makes me think twice about dressing too often around her.
    That is what I think too. From what I have seen here over the years, too much cross dressing is a turn off for a lot of women.

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    My wife is totally supportive and helpful. I am very comfortable dressed, as is she. It's never occurred to me to get dressed in front of her, so this has never come up. I rarely know what I'm going to wear and often will change outfits. She knows I wear visual enhancements i.e. breast forms, waist cincher, hip & butt pads, etc.. If she would ever ask to see them or watch me put on any of these, I'd gladly show her. Once dressed, I ask her for commentary. She has been very helpful especially with my makeup. We've shopped together, but I enjoy when she surprises me with something she thinks would look good on me. Life is good. 👠👗💄👜

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    Hey Katie, would you send me a PM or e-mail? I'll understand if you don't want to, but I'd love to catch up with you

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    I felt that way at first also.
    I think it's more not wanting her to see you in a less than desirable light and perhaps feeling that you are disappointing her by being dressed this way.

    It takes time to get past that. I was able to be with her dressed, but not let her see me dressing for quite a while. I had this inner feeling that one day she would be disgusted by it and make some hurtful comment or just walk away. That never happened and now I've come to be so relaxed it's wonderful beyond description.
    Ignore your inner fear and just go with it. Give it some time, relax and enjoy it and the reward will be more than you think.
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    I revealed that i c/d to my S/O early-on. It's become so "regular" that she sees me in women's every morning, whilest we have coffee and read the paper. One morning,.... for reasons that I don't recall.... I came to the table in "regular, guy" clothes..... and she said; "What's wrong? ... where is Diane today?" Needless to say, I excused myself and went to change (clothes).... It hasn't happened again, since... She's a delightful lady.... and I covet her.....

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    I have no issues luckily, my wife has participated every step of the way. At first it was a bit akward stepping put in just panties, but now she does my makeup and advises on clothing choices.

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    My wife said the other day that she is getting used to the idea that she would see me dress soon and it kind of make me nerves.
    On one hand - I want her to see me and I spoked with her about that in the past, but from the other hand - I know that I will feel stupid and embarrassed.
    I enjoy reading your tips - "light" transformation and knowing the firsts times are the worst (for both sides...)

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    MY SO slid right into it without anything negative about it. She loves me for who I am no matter how I am dressed. Sometime when i am dressed and go downstairs and walk by her I usually get "That's a pretty outfit" or "I love those heels" and that makes me sorta go into a strange vibe feeling sorta place. I'll stand in front of a mirror and think "oh lord, am I really dressed this way and walking around like it's normal (to society that is) in front of her? but I chalk it up to all of the years of closeted dressing, I still haven't fully adapted to this freedom I now have with a supportive and accepting SO.

    As for the shopping, I absolutely love it. I can go into stores that I wouldn't normally go into on my own and just browse the racks while she is browsing the racks. She'll point something out that I may have missed and say "that's definitely Joanne" and usually, not always, I buy it. Shopping with her is about the same as shopping without her but it's a simple pleasure that we both enjoy so why not?
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    I was embarrassed dressing in front of SOs because I felt like I was trespassing- i.e. I'm obviously a man so I'm not allowed at this table of delights. But once I straightened out my reality is that I am a man who loves feminine clothes- I was fine. I'm not competing, I'm not trespassing, I am enjoying. It helps that I am not trying to transform my body shape - what you see is me wearing clothes that fit well, and feeling at ease with myself and you.

    My wife likes to look different from me, so it helps that my choices are different. I can't ask her to help me pin a dress I am wearing and also altering, which would be more fun - but I decided that it was ok just to wear what I feel, and not ask anything of her with respect to it beyond letting me have safe space.
    We are all beautiful...!

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    Yep, totally! My SO is ok with my gender identity but we're DADT mostly on MY part. When we first met I won her over from a guy who looked like Brutus (from the Popeye 'toons) because I was a much more sensitive Brutus! I'm still Brutus (in a white soot covered Armani suit and melted Tom Ford shades, another post) to her and I feel the need to continue to portray that illusion. I know it's not right but for me it's the lesser of the two evils 😇

    No I'm not implying that being GF is evil people!

    Mind you I do enjoy eating meat and cussing a lot 😠 !

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