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Thread: Do you feel 'hygge'?

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    Do you feel 'hygge'?

    There is another active thread discussing how we feel when dressed and I didn’t want to hijack that one, so am starting afresh and introducing the concept of ‘hygge’.

    I have just been listening to a radio programme talking about this Danish concept of ‘hygge’ best described as cosiness. The word is pronounced as a guttural ‘hooga’ and it is also where the word ‘hug’ originates. We all know about that word and how many of us feel about wearing a bra.

    Hygge seems to be a state of well-being, contentment, comfortableness, being at one with the world – but all rolled into one. It seems to be part of the Danish way of life – to be snug and happy, and more. I think it sums up how I feel when dressed. It’s an indefinable feeling that I have referred to previously as ‘contentment’ but perhaps hygge says it better.

    Maybe there are some Danish girls out there who could add to my thoughts and maybe explain it better. And it would also be interesting to see whether others are in a state of 'hygge' when in their finery.


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    'Hygge', quite like that word! I do know what you mean. When dressed I seem to have a feeling of inner calmness, as if I've left all my worldly worries behind and for a while I can be happy as my other self. There probably is no one word that describes it but hygge, yes, like that. Its similar I suppose to the German word 'sehnsucht', an intense yearning for something far off and indefinable, which has no direct English translation.

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    I like the word, and definitely the concept, but I would always want to pronounce it as 'huggy', which does fit in some aspects.

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    Yes, I feel hygge! It is there but it varies with how much I am dressed! Like the other day, I felt it in drag!! Usually must be dressed as full as possible at the time!!! I have had it not happen until I put on my earrings!! I have felt it and it is wonderful!! Hugs Lana Mae

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    "Hygge" is one word that sums it for me.
    Very very content.
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    I don't know that I'd go as far as 'being at one with the world', but the idea of 'comfortableness' resonates with me.

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    I wonder how much our masculine sides protect our feminine selves, resulting in that calmness many of us experience.

    In my world, if there are issues and conflicts, my masculine side usually takes care of those things first ( is that stereotypical, or what?) so that Tina is free to be herself. This thread is making me wonder what the situation would be if my masculine side were put away for a while and Tina was on "the front lines of life" (i.e. like all those who transition!).

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    That certainly describes my Danish grandfather - the nicest man ever - never spoke a cross word to anyone even angry (yet trained as a US fighter pilot in WW1)

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    Getting hyggy with it! I do when I dress----
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