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Thread: Wife and I paint each others toes

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    Wife and I paint each others toes

    Things with my wife have been wonderful. We talk more and share more. Our situation seems so much better since we have had an open discussion of my crossdressing. I painted her toes a few weeks ago and she seemed to enjoy that. Today I once again painted her toes and she enjoyed that and then she offered to paint mine. I accepted and we both enjoyed that. I love this gal. Thanks for listening.

    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    It is great to be out to a wife that is accepting (or trying), isn't it? Your story reminds me of something my wife and I did before I came out to her. She was once showing off some electric blue nail polish she bought, and I told her I thought it looked cool. I don't remember exactly how, but she end up painting both of my big toes with it. For a few years we would do this in the winter, but only with "manly" colors like blue or black. We called it "winter toes." The funny thing is that since I came out to her, she has never painted my toes for me, although once in a while when she and our girls are doing mani-pedis, she has offered, but I get the sense that is more in a jokey-way, since our girls do not know I am a crossdresser.

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    That's awesome. Just the other night my wife was painting hers and I thought about asking her if she'd do mine. Unfortunately, things are still kind of iffy and we don't communicate about it as much as we need to. So not knowing if she'd see the fun in it (which often times she does) or if it would push her over some edge I didn't see coming, I chickened out and said nothing.

    So anyway, very happy for you and how well things are going. I for one appreciate you sharing because it does encourage me to talk more with my wife and see where things can go comfortably for both of us. I hope and pray that for you and your wife this continues to strengthen your relationship.

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    My wife and I paint each others toes, and we pick out colors to buy together too. Once a year we go out for a professional job and have them painted together. I have an amazing wife!!

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    My wife and I go to a nail salon. She gets color, I get clear. I've never gotten into the colored toenail thing, but it is a little difficult for me to take good care of my own toenails so I pay to have it done.

    I can imagine it would be fun to do each others, but of course, I would want to be dressed as Krisi at the time.

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    I have a wonderful appreciation for how painted toes (and fingernails) are such a delight for GGs. My wife and I paint both regularly. When our seasonal guests begin arriving each Fall/Winter/Spring I have to remove the toe nail polish and am really bummed out until they leave and I can repaint them.

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    Thanks for sharing, it is inspirational to hear of such open and accepting relationships which gives hope to those who are yet to disclose. Not everyone has such luck in their partnerships. There are some freedoms when living in rural areas that cannot be guaranteed within the urban areas. Of course our selection of partner plays a major role in this acceptance. Continue to enjoy the openness and love that you both have. Gina

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    Kara Zor-El
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    Awesome story and thanks for sharing. Its good to hear those types of relationships. I am very fornuate to be in a supportive relationship. Once in a while, my wife and I shop together at clearance racks and goodwills and if we find something we both like, we will shout blood we will playfully argue over who gets to wear it first

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    Have you ever kissed while you both wear lush lipstick.try it it will blow your mind the feel try it and i dare you not love it Hell i still think of mine and it happened 30 years ago

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    Banned Spammer
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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Sharing is fun indeed.
    Its nice to do things for others.
    I used to have a long time lady friend spend the weekends at my place and I would do her nails and she would do mine, pretty awesome IMO

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    My wife and I love to share time painting nails. Usually, though, I paint hers and then she watches me do mine. We both agree I'm better at it. I rarely mess up. She, on the other hand, well . . . . It's not uncommon to find my knuckles painted.

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    My So and I did ours a few times but now we go and get pedi's and mani's together.
    Part Time Girl

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    To answer the question literly no we dont. I paint both of our toes, She says that i am better then having done. She admits she is not good at it. We love to have matching toes.

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    I love this thread.
    And yes, we paint each others toes. Violet only comes out a few times a week, but we still enjoy our fem things when I'm in drab.
    Toes, leg massages..

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