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Thread: do you feel like you need to hide your stuff

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    Yeah, I still keep my fem stuff out of sight in my room. Even though no one goes into my room, I am more comfortable knowing all my stuff is put away in case anything happens.

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    When i started CDing 5 years ago, I was very very afraid of ever being caught. I hid my panties in a locked box and was even afraid of wearing them in public underdressing.

    3 years ago my panty collection overwhelmed my secret box so i just said "f-it" and put them in a shoebox in a pretty open spot. My situation has people who are very respectful of my privacy so I don't worry too much

    Now I hang panties to dry in my closet, i used to hide them inside a shirt but now i just hide them off to the side but still in plain sight. I got TWO shoeboxes now at the end of my bed on the floor full of panties/bras/pajamas/leggings. I consider it a secret stash but i don't go threw huge lengths to hide it....Waste of time. I also neatly stacked my jeans/shirts/shorts in a pile and just cover it with a shirt. I'm at the point where I actually don't mind if I'm discovered, but I'm still a bit afraid of coming out with my obsession that spiraled out of control. I have done many really scary things in public from shopping to wearing certain items. (really scary for me)

    I also know that if I'm discovered there is a 99% chance of it going well for me, and the 1% chance isn't a complete train wreck, it's more of a "you need help". But I'm sure it would be something along the lines of a "oh....ok....well....uh....what do you want for Christmas =)"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amelie View Post
    I hide all my undergarments. I have this guy who comes over to fix my pipes and I think he has been wearing my tights, so I hide them from him. I think he is a cd.
    CDers "borrowing" other CDer things....what a time to live.

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    My wife has always been aware of my cross dressing and there was a time I used to feel like I needed to hide everything especially if I ordered anything online, I'm not really sure why I felt that way because she was very accepting when I told her in the beginning.
    Now it's become a DADT in our house, I no longer feel that I need to hide anything from her.
    I do miss the shopping trips we use to take.

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    I recently moved back into my parents house and consequently had to bin everything that I couldn't hide. It's frustrating but soon Rhian will have wardrobe.

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    Yes I get it. I still tuck things in corners etc....I wish I didn't
    No regrets except I should have got dressed & stepped out sooner.

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    I have been thinking more about it. Jen I use "stash" as a generic term. I think i hide stuff more so my wife does see how much I have spent. partly out of habit.

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    Yes i do. I have to hide my fem clothes cause my wife dosent like me crossdressing. She feels that crossdressing is "gross". She knows i have crossdressed in the past and has for the past 15yrs. At first she tried to accept it, a little at first but alas! It wasnt to be. I tried quitting for her sake, several times infact, even purged several times. But always to return months later. She has caught me a couple of times in the last 2 years wearing either thigh hi's or panties and its always the same, she gets really up set. For her sake i would quit dressing if i could but i cant. I enjoy dressing. The feel, the look, the comfort, even the stress relief it gives me. So! I now only underdress and only at work where i keep my fem things in my locker under lock and key. No one at work knows or suspects or at least made any comment if they do? At work my uunderdressing begins and after work its back to drab before i get home.. when i underdress i wear a full slip and cammi top and panties.

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    I used to but since opening up to my wife no longer. My wife and I discussed the fact that I no longer need to hide my things. Lots better than keeping my stuff in the barn.
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    I live alone, so no
    I have joint custody of my daughter, so yes.
    I have an extra room that I have my stuff. It is also the junk room, that's a good cover. I do keep my femme close at the back of the closet and drawers. In case some one does take a quick look. I as have time to pick up if I something laying out.

    One day I had a "toy laying out to dry. I had a painter painting the house. They asked if the could come in to use the bathroom. I just got home from work. It was a woman. My mind was racing if I did have something laying about. I opened the door and we went in. I walked by the toy, snagged it up and kept walking to the bathroom, she was following me. I know she saw me get it, but woman would not recognize this toy. But I like to know what she was thinking, because she was in a single man's house after all.

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    Used to hide, but not anymore. Panties are in my wife's drawer in case my daughter looks, but I'm sure she wonders why Daddy never has underwear in the laundry.

    Things that need to be hung up I have next to my clothes in our closet. My nightgowns and ladies silky pj's are at the other end. Things I can fold are in drawers in my dresser. My makeup, forms, jewelry, wig and bras are in a tote bag on a shelf in my closet.

    My wife calls me a pervert and disgusting, and totally disapproves, so I told her that if she doesn't like, don't look. Don't know if she has or not. At least she stopped throwing away my clothes. I replaced them and so she just gave up. She was worried my daughter would find my clothes before, so I hung them in the closet. Let her see. She'll figure it out anyway.

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    My wife knows and is fairly tolerant but I still like to keep most things out of sight--behind closet doors or in drawers. But not hidden and not locked away.
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    My wife knows to some degree and just is not fond of it. My underwear drawer is virtually all panties in every color and style under the sun. I have womans jeans and "khakis" hanging in my closet that I wear to work and after. She gave me a little flack about those, but then it went to DADT again. My dresses, wigs, shoes and hidden up in my garage where I placed them the last time I "purged" Would love to bring those to my closet, but I suspect that would be too much for my wife.

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    You reminded me of when my wife and I moved into our new house. We both have separate walk in closets, and mine at that time was about half full of woman clothes. Several of the women wanted to see the house. So my wife took them around to all the rooms. When they arrived at my closet, they asked my wife if she got to use both closets. She told them of course not. So your husband wears those dresses one women asked laughing. Yes, she told them. Everything in that closet is hers. (I was starting transition to female in a few days so it really didn't matter to me.) Every one of them came out and looked at me. Said nothing until after dinner. Then one asked, Are you a cross dresser she asked me. No I told her, I was a woman and transitioned to a male. The shock on the woman face was so worth the reverse comment.
    TO OVER WEIGHT TO POST A PHOTO, MY wife tells me I look like I am pregnant

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    Nah, I'm out, I've even left my purse in plain sight many times!

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    During the last year or two that my wife was alive, when I first started cross dressing, I limited my active exploration of my feminine aspect to underdressing with panties, and my wife and teenaged daughter both knew I did the panties, bur nothing else, and no one else knew at all. Beyond that, my 'secret stash' consisted of a wig, a padded bra, a corset, and a single outfit of a blouse, skirt, shoes and stockings, which I only wore in private, and kept in a gym bag. I hadn't even shaved off my beard or attempted makeup yet. I held back rather than risking harm to my marriage.

    Once my wife died, I came out fully to my teenaged daughter, and started down the path of full public transformation, but I still hid that side of me from anyone else who knew me as a male. A few of my girl side's new friends knew my male name, and one met my male aspect, but I tried to keep my two 'lives' separate. No one visiting my home would find anything.

    When I moved to the town I am in now, I decided not to hide at all from my new friends and neighbors. The only 'hiding' i did was to conceal most of my girly stuff from my sister, who lives several huurs drive from me, when she made a surprise visit to help me unpack. 9 months later, I have yet to come out to my sister and other relatives or old friends who live in othervtowns, but at home, I am essentially fully out.

    I expect that within the next 6 to 12 months, I will be out to everyone, and won't hide anything at all any more. I am even contemplating finding a new job which would accept me working as a female.

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    I do hide my clothing. My wife knows I dress and tolerates it but I think it is better if I keep DADT. Also, we share a walk in closet so it would be very noticeable if dresses started to pop up on my side.

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    Even before I cam out about the CDing to my SO, my things were never hidden, they were just at the back of the closet and she never bothered to look. I admit that since telling here they have been moved to the front of the closet but even just as late as yesterday I was thinking of moving them back just in case the door is open and someone is over or whatnot. While she knows , no one else does and I'd like to keep it that way.
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    My wife knows where I keep my clothes. It is set in a place that she would not have to see it, plus with older children the size difference would be hard to explain. Maybe some day I can keep in our closet/room but not at this time.

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    I live alone.
    Well, I do have a cat.
    So basically I really don't hide anything. Sometimes my room looks like a teenage girls bedroom. Clothes everywhere!
    That said. If I know or expect anyone over. I do make sure the clothes are out of sight.
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