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Thread: Selies without filters

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    Selies without filters

    So im always using filters and effects in photo's to smooth skin and tell myself im prettier than was true ya know. and it accured to me that I could end up building a false sense of what I look like and skill acquired to get me there. I thought it would be beneficial to give myself an exercise in finding my true femininity! In this exercise I gave myself some rules:
    1)No camera tricks, filters or effects
    2)No wig
    3)No dodgy lighting
    4)Has to be a close up
    This was the resulting picture >>14409230_1379440972096551_1543624917_n.jpg
    Im proud of the result and know its an achievable look that I can enjoy and be confident about. Give it a go girls, its great fun and do add your pics to this post to celebrate all the beauty that is our community on CD.COM

    biggest hugs
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    All of mine are with ambient lighting and never at all altered.
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    Very nice. Hopefully one day I will have the courage to share a selfie,

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    Love the hat, I have one just like it but brown. Looking good Lucy!

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    I remember when I first started and was taking selfies with my phone. I had no idea the default setting on my phone when taking selfies was to add a filter, so I thought thats how I actually looked. When I finally realized that all selfies I was taking were automatically adding filters, it was like a shot to the gut. I mean I didn't look that much worse without the filters, but the filters made my pics look more airbrushed. It was a lesson learned, though. I just ended up using that as motivation to get better with makeup.

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    The mirror never lies?, well it does. I sometimes used to get ready, look at myself and think, yes, that's pretty good. Then I'd take a picture, put it on the PC and think. no, thats not right at all. The lighting was similar, make up and hair the same, but such a difference. Now I take pictures mainly to look at myself and see how I can improve anything.

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    Don't know why you were using filters, you look great. Never have used filters. Maybe I should have.
    Is there a daytime-I'm-out walking around- face to face-filter?
    Live and let dress.

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    You still look good, Lucy!
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    I use filters, definitely. I don't know, it helps hide the flaws lol(Mainly my teeth). I'll post a side by side of one I have with and without filters.
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    Evidently you haven't seen any of my pics, just an old man expressing his younger woman, no tricks of any kind.
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    I just use the automatic settings on my cam and I wouldn't know how to filter a pic anyway.
    Photography is not my strong suit. I know some use photoshop but I don't have the software or even know how to use it.
    All my pics are me straight up no fancy tricks or effects.
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    I don't do anything to my pics, I actually have grey skin.
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    Who needs filters, Just-Lucy? Not you. You're one hot-lookin' babe!

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