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Thread: leg shaving!

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    New Member Rosie1989's Avatar
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    leg shaving!

    Hi ladies!

    Got a bit of a dilemma here! I really want to shave my legs but the problem is my OH doesn't know about me!

    Any tips? Anyone in the same situation?

    Thanks x

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    Senior Member NancySue's Avatar
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    Tips? Yep...tell her ASAP. Pick a right time, place and go slowly. I did. She accepted...cautiously at first. Best thing I ever did. It's part of us. If all goes well, sooner or later you will be able to enjoy all your wants. If you go ahead, how will you explain your shaved legs? She'll know or suspect there's more. Good luck what ever you do.

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    "I've contracted a rare strain of leg lice" "I'm joining a competitive swimming team" or "We walked across hot coals at work as a team building exercise and it singed all the hair off" are all possibilities. . But in all seriousness I can't really think of a good excuse to start shaving your legs out of the blue... Maybe start talking trash about how waxing "can't possibly hurt that much" and let her "teach you a lesson"?

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    You're going to have to talk about it sometime.

    If trying to hide CD and still shave, it will take much work. Only subculture I know of that regular shaves legs are road cyclists, so you need: 1) a road bike, 2) a history of riding, and then 3) a pickup group to ride with. Note it will take much physical work and conditioning. They shave for "road rash", but really because they like lycra and showing off the leg muscles they worked so hard to develop. Don't worry, if starting now, you'll never be a Lance Armstrong
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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Don't make up some lie to cover it up because she finds out you lied then you may have screwed up your marriage.
    That depends on if she believes the lie or not .
    Just tell the truth and tell her about you and your desire to shave your legs.
    When I was married I just shaved them one night and it took her a few days to notice.
    When she did she said I see you shaved your legs why did you do that?
    i said I just wanted to and she said well OK they are your legs and it was never an issue.
    Main thing is don't lie to her because she will figure it out and life for you will be hell after that.
    What if your wife secretly wanted to be a man and she let her leg hair grow and she started wearing male clothes and told you lies?
    How would that make you feel?
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    Although I didn't use this advice myself (which ended up being a contributing factor in my divorce), I think previous responders are right. Keeping secrets is a lot of work, creates a lot of anxiety, and has some huge risks. Tell her first. And then after you've let that settle in for a while, and when you are confident that you BOTH will be okay with it, go ahead and shave.

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    WAY easier to just tell them first.
    That's what I did.
    Though it is easier said than done.
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    Trust, communication, and honesty keep relationships strong! Tell them the truth. If you lie now you will have to lie again and soon you will not be able to keep up with the lies and they will find out you are lying!! Then you will really have problems!! IMHO Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    can't be done she will know....I my case I cannot because I have male friends who think I am male! lol
    No regrets except I should have got dressed & stepped out sooner.

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    Take up jogging or swimming and if she asks tell her it's related to that. You could always wear flesh colored tights and not have to shave but I'm not a big fan of those

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    I can say this, tell her before you do it. Don't ask for permission, just tell her you're going to do it.

    For me, I had to shave my legs for a Halloween costume and then I told her I had decided I liked my legs shaved and was going to keep them that way. She wasn't thrilled with it but had dealt with it and now is at least used to it.

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    I shaved my legs the first time in 2008 when my skin was irritated due to an allergy. I bought some Eucerin at the advice of a friend. You have to, of course, rub it on the problem area. I'm naturally pretty hairy, so I had to shave my arms and legs for the first time, in order to get the Eucerin on the skin.

    Turns out I really liked it!

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    My legs have been shaved continuously for over a year. It felt so good the first time and still does to this day. My wife noticed immediately and asked. Why? I told her because I wanted to. I just normally wear lightweight running pants around the house when I'm with the family. I work in a high testosterone industrial environment and wear shorts in the summer and I've only ever had one comment which was "you have the prettiest legs I've ever seen"...I think he was gay though. No one else has ever said a word.

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    I think that nowadays men are shaving/waxing with no reason, some coworkers (3) from my department are doing it and no body says a word, and in TV I've seen several actors that are doing so. Nowadays is a fashion.
    You can argue that you like this trend, just because you are modern and updated to new ideas.
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    Find or lead up to a moment when you can mention you would like to shave your legs . Maybe when she is doing her legs would be a good time, and just say it looks good and would she help you to shave yours because you would like to know how it feels.
    You will soon know whether she is OK with it.
    Best of luck.

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    The consensus seems to be "tell her." That's actually kinda cool because the advice used to always run along the lines of lying about taking up a sport where shaved legs are a supposed benefit, which never seemed like a recipe for success. Just say you want to do it and do it. It's a personal grooming choice -- everyone gets to make their own.
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    You cannot hide shaved legs from someone you live with or are intimate with ("OH"?) And you won't be able to hide your dressing very long either. You need to either have a legitimate reason to shave your legs (unlikely) or tell this person about your little "hobby".

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    I used to joke that I would shave one day when I knew I'd be in pants for a while. Then while driving north in the winter, I was tired of my leg hair being pulled on by my sweaty truck seat, so when I stopped for the night I did it.

    Turned out I loved it, and my wife loved it. Had nothing to do with crossdressing. That was about 10 years ago, now I epilate instead of shave. And she still loves it.

    BTW, I wear shorts about 360 days a year, I've had 3 comments in all this time, all by friends who are still friends and really don't care.

    So my advice is to joke about it, then do it. If you both hate it, it'll grow back. But you'll both love it.

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    I started shaving my legs on the advise of a doctor who suggested shaving to combat ingrown hairs, which in many cases can be quite painful. Once I began shaving the ingrown hairs ceased to be a problem and I benefitted from the smoothness of my legs and the gentile caress I got from my SO. Perhaps telling yours that you're trying to combat ingrown hairs will be an acceptable reason for her.
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    There are body groomers marketed to men, Nair makes Nair for Men, and Gillett makes a body shave gel (I have all three in my bathroom). You could use any of those as a way to help legitimize your shaving if needed. As Jennie-CD mentioned, these days you really don't need much of an excuse beyond "I choose to do it because I like/prefer it that way".

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    Just did it. Love the feel. I was preparing for a very "daring" night out. Plus.... I'm just liking the look

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    Get a bike and some spandex duds, and pretend you are really into it. Then shave away! Your wife will just think you are having a mid life crisis.

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    You can run but you can't hide.. Good luck!

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    Other than being honest with her, you can probably start by mentioning how you hate body hair and has been thinking of shaving it off.
    She'll probably make some jokes, but I believe will be OK with it at the end, if she feels it's annoying for you.

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    I obviously basically don't like shaving- but leg hair and my skirts was bothering me, so on Independence Day I took the plunge and shaved one leg. The funny thing was that it really wasn't that apparent, and my wife, who is normally very observant, didn't say anything either. I think it has to do with visual processing- you see one then the other and they blur. After a month I shaved the other, and it just went unnoticed. WHen out hiking in short shorts with my female cousin- at one point she remarked to my wife 'I was just thinking about how nice Phil's legs look!'

    I still don't like shaving, and now I'm getting stubble - so I may go back to all natural legs- but it has been fun.
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