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Thread: Do you try to feminize your voice when interacting en femme?

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    Silver Member Elizabeth G's Avatar
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    May 2016
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    Do you try to feminize your voice when interacting en femme?

    Hi All,

    I was out last week fully dressed for the first time in years (I had a great time btw) and for the most part my interactions were with people I knew (shop owners at shops I frequent) so I didn't worry about my voice. However at one point I was approached by a stranger, a polite gentleman who was about my age or perhaps a few years older, and I had no choice but to speak with him.

    It went well enough but I felt like since I was presenting as a woman I had to try to sound like one too the extent possible, I guess in my head, for safety reasons.

    So, for those of you who go out, when you interact with strangers do you try to feminize your voice?


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    Gold Member bridget thronton's Avatar
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    Michigan USA
    I due not - I do find myself limiting my talking and trying to talk more softly but I M not skilled enough to pull off a fem voice

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    Crossdresser-At-Large BillieAnneJean's Avatar
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    I do feminize my voice and speak softly. Plus all the other visual attributes.

    I LOVE going OUT enfemme in the general public.


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    I try my best however I know is not enough. Last trip to Vegas I was playing next to a woman for about fifteen minutes or so. She was in her business and I was in mine. Then my girlfriend approached me and asked me something, when I answered her the woman next to me almost put her eyes out their sockets watching at me, realizing I wasn't a GG.

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    Exploring NEPA now Cheryl T's Avatar
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    I try, but I don't always sound very feminine. I try to soften my voice, change the inflections and raise the tone.
    I don't practice it, I just do it when needed in public though like most I try not to engage others unless it's necessary
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    Happy to be me!! S. Lisa Smith's Avatar
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    I do and am told that I do sound like a woman. I don't sound like a woman to me, but I do alter my voice.
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    I try not to put myself in a position where I have to interact with people because I don't go out often and don't get a lot of practice. Obviously, if someone passing on the street says "hello", it would be rude not to respond so I try to sound like a woman when I reply.

    I'm sure I wouldn't be able to carry on an extended conversation as a woman. Again, not enough practice.

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    Banned Read only
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    Not really. I try to raise the tone a little and eliminate the really deep tones, but I think it is worse to sound like minnie mouse.

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    I'm with Jennifer here, soften a little but I feel like straining my voice to create some bad charicature of a female voice feels more obvious than just going natural (and I've got a fairly deep voice to start with).

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    Aspiring Member aprilgirl's Avatar
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    Personally, I don't attempt a feminine voice, and just speak in quieter tones not to be overheard outside the conversation. I figure that I've given off plenty of visual clues to anyone who is close enough to interact with me. Kim

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    Gold Member Rachael Leigh's Avatar
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    The only thing I do is try and soften it a bit, I'm a soft talker anyway so I raise the pitch just a bit but doubt it sounds very

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    Oh to be an English Rose Jane G's Avatar
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    Live in Cornwall UK, born in Lancashire
    No not at all. I do however get told of by my wife for talking like a girl when not dressed.

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    Do I feminize my voice? While it's not deep, it is distinctly male and I really couldn't without sounding like Minnie Mouse.

    Now I do try and speak a bit softer and use language a bit more feminine (like not using the f word as much!), but heck, I ain't fooling anyone. I've found being "me", open and honest, has worked well and made me much more easily accepted everywhere I go.
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    Stand-up Comedian En Fem❤ Alice_2014_B's Avatar
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    Of all the times I have been out en femme I have only interacted with strangers one time, that was going to a comedy club to do stand-up on open-mic night.
    I did not try to feminize my voice at all, from getting carded upon entry, doing my stand-up jokes, and leaving.
    It is something I may practice though.

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    Carole carhill2mn's Avatar
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    Yes, I do. Fortunately, my voice is not one that is extremely "male". I have learned and continue to practice feminine speaking patterns. I have also learned to not project my voice as I would if presenting as a man.

    I received what I think was the ultimate compliment from a woman who is a friend of a woman friend of mine. I had spent at least 20 minutes in a one-on-one conversation with this woman. She knew that my friend was big supporter of CD/trans people. This woman asked my friend if I was the Carole that she sometimes met for dinner. My friend replied that yes, I was. This woman then said to my friend that "she" is a GG, right. My friend replied no, but she will be very pleased to hear that you think so. The woman then said that "she certainly has all of the mannerisms down pat".
    Hugs, Carole

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    Gold Member Lana Mae's Avatar
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    Not going out yet! I am however working on my feminine voice at home and at times in the car!! Practice makes perfect! Well I doubt I will ever achieve perfect but better. I feel I owe it to the public to try to match my voice with the image. Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    I take the voice up just a notch. I know I don't fool anybody, but it seems a little easier for folks to interact with me if I am trying to present myself as a lady. Of course I don't go into the high pitched realm, because even that makes me giggle.
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    I adjust my voice slightly. It's a bit like overall deportment. You walk differently when dressed so you talk differently when dressed.

    There are loads of videos on YouTube by those who have cultivated a very convincing female voice. The basic principle is that it mainly about reducing chest resonance. Raise your larynx but not necessarily the pitch and then give your voice that more undulating female pattern. My voice is naturally a bit clipped in this regard so I just push it a little further. I've passed over the phone when I just wanted to show off to friends that I could do it. But face to face you have to decide whether it makes enough difference to be worth the effort. I think the trick is not to sound like you're making to much effort. It's a bit like trying to pass physically, it should be more or less in step with your overall level of appearance.

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    Yeah Ok like whatever Tracii G's Avatar
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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    I use my regular voice just soften it a little.
    Feminine mannerisms actually help too.
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    Adventuress Kate Simmons's Avatar
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    Never have, never will.
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    When dressed I try to use just my head voice vice a voice from the chest when in drab. Something I picked up from a sister and it does help!

    Genny B
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenniferathome View Post
    Not really. I try to raise the tone a little and eliminate the really deep tones, but I think it is worse to sound like minnie mouse.
    Best I can manage is a whisper.

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    leggings junkie ellbee's Avatar
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    I talk in my deepest, manliest voice possible -- just to really freak 'em out.

    Actually, I don't do that, LOL.

    Though I think the absolute worst is to try to fake a female voice, having it come out as some kind of falsetto or something. In which case, you're way better off just "softening" your regular male voice a bit, and leave it at that.

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    Transgender Person Pat's Avatar
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    I love to talk to people when I'm out and about. Generally I keep my pitch a step or two higher than my "FM announcer" male voice, but not especially higher. The biggest thing I try to do is keep the resonance out of my chest by keeping my voice in the mask area. But if I get into a long convo I'm going to forget at some point. I just accept that's me. Usually by then the focus has shifted from me to the conversation so I'm not too worried about spoiling my look.
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    My natural voice is baritone but I can raise it to tenor when en femme, and it sounds passable because there are a lot of females with tenor, and very male sounding voices that have been mistaken for male just from the way they talk. Tenor works fine for me and doesn;t sound fake.
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