I had a few things I needed to return so why not do it in girl mode! I mean I bought the things in girl mode, l kinda makes sense. I was dressed in a black/white tribal print skirt and a watermelon colored T-shirt and sandals. (What I am wearing I'm my Avatar and Profile pict.) I painted my finger and toe nails, a rarity for me but as it is crazy hot here (90F today!) I knew my toes would be exposed.

I parked near the entrance and made my way to the door fast so as not to melt and then the laughing and finger pointing started...

Wait, no, that didn't happen. No one pointed, no one laughed (while I was around anyway). I took my purchases to the cashier, a young man of about 20 smiled at me and he didn't flinch, hesitate, nothing. I said I had some things to return and his response was a pleasant, "I can help you with that." We had a brief and typical chat that one might have with any cashier and I was on my way. A perfectly normal interaction. Of course, one can't leave with at least looking around the store, which I did and without frightening any of the the other patrons!

To anyone who lives in a part of the country where going out would't be accepted I have to ask, is Boise, Idaho that much more progressive than your town? If you want to get out, go. You'll have fun.