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Thread: Do you dream about Crossdressing

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    Do you dream about Crossdressing

    Do any of you girls have dreams while sleeping about crossdressing?
    I rarely remember my dreams at night, however I vividly remember my dream of getting dressed, doing make-up and false eyelashes.

    I have day dreamed of dressing a lot, but don't remember anytime I have dreamed at night about dressing.

    hugs and more hugs


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    I don't bite. Hard. missymegg's Avatar
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    Ferndale, MI
    i do all the time - sometimes they are happy dreams where i'm putting on my makeup and dressing and going out.
    but sometimes they are scary dreams where i am in a place and i'm only half dressed - missing my wig or some such thing that would expose me - and i have to find my way home. disapproving family members are usually involved...

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    I've had a few erotic dreams about being in a female identity, or at least dressed very credibly as hot-looking female. And oh, those are wonderful dreams. But more often, I've had dreams in which I'm out somewhere in public or at my workplace, where I think I am in my male identity. And I look down and notice that I have forgotten to take my boobs off, or I'm wearing a skirt. No one has noticed this yet, but I have a surge of fear that there is no way to escape the situation without people noticing my gender mismatch, which would be horribly embarrassing.

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    I don't really dream specifically about crossdressing, but there are many dreams that I have had with
    Other events or stories happening where I happen to be aware I am dressed female, like its a natural thing.

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    I do from time to time, and they evolve around being en femme, without anybody noticing or caring. The type of dream that I'm glad I remembered, but lament that I woke up when I did.

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    I have had a few once in a while, usually dressed up in a public place, and a little embarrassing situation. More often , since off a med i was on 26 yrs, that was hurting my kidneys.
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    Absolutely 😊! Yes. I read somewhere that dreams reflect wishes and fears. I have both and have since my first pair of hose. Two other interesting things: do you remember your dreams...good or bad and were your dreams in color. I have all...fears, wishes, remember (some) and color..sometimes. I love the "good", color dreams. I usually wear gowns, sometimes more to bed. And, I too have daydreams, especially when I'm dressed both underneath or not. I believe we all have experienced this.

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    Very seldom and for short durations. Usually, in my dreams I am trying to hide my breast forms because I'm somewhere or with people where I shouldn't be crossdressing. Sad but true.

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    I do at least once a week . I find myself out and about among people i dont know and realise I am dress but no one notices. Such a great feeling . Then someone I Know comes along and I try to cover up, because the way dreams go ,I am now standing there in my bra and panties .they pay no attention but I am trying my best to cover.....I guess i am telling myself that it is ok

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    I dream every night but those that involve crossdressing are only once every week or two. Generally I'm in a public setting and I'm wearing heels (boots), hosiery and ? (I cannot actually see the clothing except for maybe the hem). Less frequently I'm wearing a wig and makeup. People are all around and I fear their reactions or being identified but no one seems to notice or care.
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    Yes I have dream a lot but t seems that when I am female it not about crossdressing, but that I am female in the dream and interacting with people and they accept me. strange...
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    I dream about it quite often, usually I find myself in a compromising situation but occasionally my dreams are pleasant and borderline erotic.

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    Sometimes I do dream about crossdressing yes, but more often it's a dream where I am or turn into a woman. I've had dreams where I even switched back and forth between male and female.
    My gender is not in question, I am a woman. The only question to be asked is why did I end up with a body that doesn't show it?

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    I CD everyday so its normal for me so do I ever dream about it?
    No very rarely maybe once a year I will have a CD related dream.
    The more common dream I have is where I have a female body.
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    All the time Randi.
    Second star to the right and straight on till morning

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    Stand-up Comedian En Fem❤ Alice_2014_B's Avatar
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    I day-dream about it all the time.
    I've had real dreams where I'm wearing very noticeable six inch heels in a crowded public place in male attire.
    The whole time I'm embarrassed.
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    Crossdressing has definitely started to show up in my dreams. I usually don't remember specifics but when I first wake up I remember that I was dressed. It's kind of a nice way to start the day.

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    I just had one very recently. I was in a strange city - no idea why I was there - but I was completely en femme and very excited as it my first foray in public while dressed up. I specifically remember riding public transportation in the dream, and being a little self-conscious but excited byt the thrill of it.

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    I had an awesome dream last night. I was in New Orleans, dressed getting a late night meal, sitting at the bar eating and dude walks in and sits next to me, we talk and he invites me back to his house. Says he has some girls coming over. They were Puerto Rican and brought a case a wine. We had a good time.

    We were just about to go to a Stones concert and I realized I was dressed and people may notice me...and woke up.

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    I daydream about it all the time, but rarely at night, which I find rather sad really.

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    When I go for long stretches of time without dressing (months or even years), some dreams will pop up from time to time.

    Typically what others describe -- being around family, friends, co-workers, strangers who are now my acquaintances, etc., and nobody really caring that I'm all dolled up! Yet I still feel a bit self-conscious & embarrassed. It's like, "Um, don't the rest of you see this??" They may or may not say something, but it's never anything negative, and sometimes even very supportive & encouraging.

    For some reason I can only see part of my outfit, yet desperately wanting to see it all. But of course there's never a mirror around!

    Oftentimes it will involve clothes-shopping. And other times I'll be trying to hook up with someone -- a GG or a guy.

    The dreams never seem to go on as long as I want them to.

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    Hertfordshire, U.K
    I do from time to time... Usually the same or very similar every time!

    Pretty much always telling my mother and her being supportive and then us ending up shopping together. Not sure why that one, but that's what it is!


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    I do from time to time.

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    I kind of day dream while laying in bed. A lot of the dreams are somewhat kinky and submissive in nature. Actual dreams are unrelated to wearing women's clothing, but, usually have something to do with exotic Asian lands and combat boots!

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    Yes, I am frequently crossdressing in my dreams. In a typical crossdressing dream, I am enjoying myself and then find that friends and family are around. I try to hide my clothing, but it's impossible. I either cannot remove the clothing, or there is nothing else to wear. I fear being discovered, however, nobody ever seems to notice or care. Sometimes there is a sense of relief as I know no one notices.

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