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Thread: Wigs are shameful to wear in public?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IleneD View Post
    I wonder, however, what the CONVERSE of your point might be like; and that would be to wear your femme wig with your MALE clothes in male mode. I am going give than one a look in the mirror.
    I thought everyone does that?

    I know I do as soon as I get a new one every time.

    And even that, in itself, makes a HUGE difference, at least for me.

    Of course, after seeing it on, I immediately want to get all dolled-up.

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    My first "wig" was a towel, when i first dressed all the way up! I wonder all the time if Donald trump is wearing a hair piece on top! Did not men 240 years ago wear powdered wigs, and classical composers? I have known a few men who wore wigs, and finally discarded them, accepting their baldness. I think all of America's founders wore them. For you over the Atlantic, don't judges and barrister wear them yet? Of course for different reasons. I used to dress up like a cowboy, but really was not a true cowboy. Won first prize at two costume parties, once as the pope, and once as a scarecrow. Took some flak over the pope one.

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    I don't believe wigs worn in public are shameful at all. I'd modify that. If a man wears a wig that is so outrageously ill fitting that may be shameful. I always ascribed to the belief that a person looking into a mirror sees what he or she wants to see. I see older women whose wigs are just plain terrible too. Societal norms come into play. Men can lose their hair to varying degree or go bald and it is customary and acceptable. I'd rather see a guy shave his head rather than do a comb over.

    When it comes to me I am older and have a fraction of the hair I had when I was twenty. And, it is no long blond. I have worn in my more youthful years wigs that were blond and brunette. Now it's a curly shoulder length grey wig which matches my sideburns. I am not trying to deceive anybody as if I wore my blond wig. I guess it's age appropriateness again.

    My fraternal grandmother to the day she died at age 83 had jet black hair. She was accused of dying it. Nope, it was genetics all the way. Her first born son, my uncle, also died in his early 80's with jet black hair.

    My wife just started chemotherapy. She expects to lose her hair which is something that really upsets her. She is also afraid of the hair growing back straight rather than her beautiful natural curls. She is looking at wig catalogues. She hates wigs because they are hot. She is considering different hats and scarfs. It is obvious with my wife and many others that natural hair is a part of their personality or self. I think chemo is just as much as an assault on her as if someone involuntarily cut off her hair.

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    Lots of women wear wigs. Modern wigs are good enough that it's virtually impossible to tell you're wearing one. (Except for the five-dollar wigs on eBay, of course.) When I go to a wig store, the technicians always ask me if I'm wearing a wig. (I'm completely bald.) Even the pros can't tell.

    So if you're wondering why most people don't wear wigs in public, well, maybe they do.

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    Yeah wigs are bad because they are fake so just grow your own hair and boobs thanks to another thread if you want to CD and do it right.
    Must be something in the water here because we are getting some strange posts.

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    There must be a lot of fake women out there because a lot of them out there wear wigs and all of them grow boobs. LOL

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