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Thread: Basic starter clothes for FtM

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    Basic starter clothes for FtM

    Hello everyone,
    I'm very new to transitioning and finally have the footing to start my transition. The only issue I have is clothes. I am completely lost on where to start. Sure I can go into the men's section....or boys(*cough* I'm tiny *cough) but it's honestly overwhelming. I try to ask for help but I'm curvy and always get the "but why do you want to dress like that? You have such a nice figure."
    So that makes me feel self conscious on top of being overwhelmed at the different types of shirts, pants, jackets all of it.
    I've been thinking of what my style would be and it would definitely be the dapper,1920's to 1950s look (Think Mad Men)
    But whenever I go shopping I draw a blank and end up just buying a plain white tee and I'm sick of it!
    So what are some basic FTM clothing I can get started with?

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    This may sound like a bit of an odd suggestion, but Walmart has some top notch button up shirts. Look for a brand called Wrangler. You said you have a bit of a feminine figure, well these shirts make you look like a freakin straight line. Thanks to the freaky and only somewhat-functioning magic of puberty (for me at least) I've leaned out a bunch and I don't really care about what my figure looks like anymore, but in middle school, my figure was less than masculine and these shirts worked wonders for when I wanted to look especially manly and cool. I even kept my favorite one forever and now it's my favorite date shirt. I highly recommend them.

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    Thank you! That's something I can really afford

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    You might want to try a pair of mens relaxed fit jeans. They are a little baggy with big legs that could help hid the curves. Shopping on line will save you the embarrassing comments from the SA until you are more confident about your appearance when you shop in person. On line also gives you access to many more products than are in the store, but maybe that is part of your confusion.

    Good luck with finding a style in which you are comfortable.

    Hugs, Bria

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    baggy jeans Or Loose fit I guess would be the fashion term would probably work well for camouflaging your lower half.

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    Hi Ickyvic,

    I cant really help much with your issue on how to fit into mens clothing. Im going... **cough... the other way round. But I can certainly see why your hips are causing you issues. Can we trade bods?

    Anyway. The trouser issue is one you will need to work out by experimentation and better advice than I can give you.

    But here's something for you tho. When a man is looking at another man and judging his quality - he's not looking at his trouser. As long as it's not trakki bottoms I dont even notice it.

    I look at the shoe. It must be a very high quality one and absolutely not by some tacky sports firm like Nike. Real leather upper and sole. Unpatterned. 5 lace string tie. Polished and edging done properly. I buy mine at M+S but I dont know if they operate stateside (suspect not).

    Secondly a mans only item of jewelry will be a wedding ring or a watch. I think we can overlook the wedding ring in your case... but the watch is very important. Im somewhat reluctant to go into this as the prices for a good item are just insane. Without naming brands tho - try to avoid the really big "million and one" dial faced ones. They are for idiots with too much money. Dont get gold or gold plated. Stainless Steel or Titanium chain link clasp ones always look great. If you go that route get a colour face that is opposite (so dark green or blue) so that the numerals light up in the dark. A nice alternative to that whole lot would be a light leather strapped ivory watch. As you describe yourself as "tiny" in fact that might suite best. Self winding watches are better if you can afford the extra expense.

    I am a man. Like it or not Im a man all day long and only get the chance to take an occasional holiday away from it. I notice these things. Straight men notice them. Gay men notice them. And it's one of the first things we pass comment on in appearance.

    And you can wear a watch all day long and be partly "in mode" in open display... and noone will notice. And when you are projecting - BOF - it never left your wrist!

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    Hey Ickyvic, I would suggest googling men's capsule wardrobe. That will hopefully give you a basic idea as to where to begin. It is really only selected shirts, t-shirts and jeans...

    Once you got that covered, I would highly recommend FashionBeans, a men's style blog, and especially their basics series; they cover everything from colours, styles, fits, different types of shirts or shoes, and give suggestions for style for various body types as well. And if you can, get yourself a pair of amazing shoes, they really make a man stand out.

    As a side note, I myself am of slim build and wearing shirts is kinda difficult, even the slim ones. however, wearing tailor-made vests really made a difference in making my chest broader than it actually is. Couple that with a nicely fitting blazer and you're set

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    I reject your reality and substitute my own.
    Well it depends on what type of guy you are and what situation you are going to be in. I would say you need One pair of good comfortable jeans. One nice pair of dress pants now they can be jeans but I would go for dressier pants. i woud have at lest a couple of t-shirts plus a plain t-shirt. A couple of polo shirts or dress shirts. I would make sure I have a nice pair of dress shoes plus a comfy tennis shoes. Now For under clothes do research. But them in single package and test drive them out. Some undies are really uncomfortable. When you settle on some you like then buy a couple. Also if you like I am when I wear a dress shirt I wear a white t-shi rt under it. Helps to hide my bra. I do not have a chest binder yet. Oh and do not forget a chest binder unless you are a reall small chested guy. You do not always have to wear a tie but get a couple.
    Now you do not have to buy these all at one time just buy 1 or 2 pieces at a time or what go's on sale. Also Look at what other guys are wearing. Plus look at how they are wearing it. I go to the mall and look at guys not because I want to date them but because I want to see how they are dressed how they interact with other people.
    I hoped this helps you out. Good luck.

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    I would think a casual unstructured sport coat might help hide your curves

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