Hello everyone,
I'm very new to transitioning and finally have the footing to start my transition. The only issue I have is clothes. I am completely lost on where to start. Sure I can go into the men's section....or boys(*cough* I'm tiny *cough) but it's honestly overwhelming. I try to ask for help but I'm curvy and always get the "but why do you want to dress like that? You have such a nice figure."
So that makes me feel self conscious on top of being overwhelmed at the different types of shirts, pants, jackets all of it.
I've been thinking of what my style would be and it would definitely be the dapper,1920's to 1950s look (Think Mad Men)
But whenever I go shopping I draw a blank and end up just buying a plain white tee and I'm sick of it!
So what are some basic FTM clothing I can get started with?