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Thread: Going out with a lady friend

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    Going out with a lady friend

    So you just had Halloween and got a chance to go out en-femme (for those who need a reason )
    I am from Israel, so the Jewish equivalent is called "Purim" where it is common to go in disguise (this year "Purim" is in March).

    So I always wanted to go out in en-femme in "Purim" and never did it. I never had the courage to go to a party alone.
    I always think it's better to go out with company.
    Now, dressing up en-femme (as we do) would "out" me immediately to anyone who knows me. It would be obvious that I am not just wearing regular female costume (women's shoes in man's sizes is a dead giveaway). I never confided in men, and frankly prefer women's company, so I want to go out with a woman..

    My wife doesn't really want to see or hang out with me en-femme. So I tried several times with friends (women, naturally), but I always got turned down, or things didn't work out.
    I can only assume that it is embarrassing for woman to go out with a crossdresser, especially if we might encounter people she knows.

    Any insight or tips anyone?

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    Would these women want to hang out with you in guy mode? Hanging out with a married man is kind of odd for them, is it not?

    I think you are wrong about them being embarrassed. YOU are not a reflection on them. I think it's more about common interest and what perspective you have in common.

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    I too am from Israel. I have gone out en-femme two years on Purim, and twice just on a regular day in Tel Aviv. As you probably know, Tel Avvi is a very open and accepting city, I had no problems. Even had a GG get up from her table and come over to mine to tell me I looked great!

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