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Thread: How Many are Straight?

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    Count me as straight. I have a wonderfully supporting GF and am super attracted to her. I simply love to wear the same things as her on occasion.

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    I am in a straight married relationship, but I have had thoughts about swinging the other way that I have never acted on. No interest in rolling around with some big hairy fat guy, (hey, that describes me!) But some younger, well built, but on the thin side, runners build, gent perhaps! Makes no difference dressed or drab.

    I have always been fairly open about gay relationships. I know a few guys that are definitely gay, one couple married, and I have no issues with it as long as they are decent people. On the other hand some straight guys creep me out because they are so homophobic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swimtran View Post
    I'm straight. The reason I crossdress is because I love women so much. But...

    When I crossdress, it's a very sexual experience. It's all about imagining being a woman. For a long time I resisted it, but when I get into that pink fog, I fantasize about doing things with men. It's all part of the thrill of being transformed, and embracing everything about femininity.

    Back in real life, there's nothing I find the slightest bit attractive about men. I'm so busy looking at women that I don't even notice men at all. It's like they're all background.
    amen that's about it for me ,I feel the same way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicki_D View Post
    Over the years I have slowly come to understand my sexuality. I am straight in that I am sexually attracted to people who are explicitly feminine. I find breasts and bums and feminine faces attractive. However, I'm really not bothered about their genitals! I don't think of myself as bi as if the penis owner looks like a male I'm not attracted to them. Hope that is of some use to this survey
    I think I'm where your at Nicki_D although I'm quite male looking ,

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    Straight - my best friend is my wife of nearly 60 years and my other close friends are women. I have no desire to even mix in male company let alone get intimate with a man.

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    I'm straight as an arrow. I love women and have absolutely no attraction to men. Just like many of you, I love dressing up and looking sexy. I'd love to wear lingerie while making love to my wife (also wearing lingerie), but am about 99% sure that's something that will never happen. Still fun to fantasize!

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    Fluid here. I find nice people are nice no matter what side.

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    Very straight. Being a part time crossdresser, I do feel I understand the decisions made by my lady friends if I am out shopping with them, although I do sometimes wonder if I am thinking how good the clothes would look on me, rather than on my lady friend.

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    100% hetero male, with a dash of hetero female (if that's possible). That electricity you feel when fully dressed that makes you feel feminine (as if that's how it is meant to be).

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    I am straight...

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    Straight as a arrow,married 41yrs,love women

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