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Thread: Little 'outing' game ... does anyone else do this?

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    Hi Becky, A couple weeks ago I was buying some tops and the SA asked if I wanted a gift receipt
    and I said no I don't need one because they were for me, She just laughed,
    Then I showed her some pictures on my cell phone, She said ," That's not you" "I said take a closer look"
    She said Oh my lord you look lovely.
    You would have need a crowbar to remove that smile off my face a I walked out of the store......
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

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    Hello. I go to "Ross Dress for less" pick out dresses, skirts, tops and after the changing room attendant counts the number of items I take them to the men's changing room. Sometimes dressed drab but most times wearing a bra and top.

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    I find myself purposefully outing myself in more subtle ways. Nail polish on my toes when I change at the gym. Likewise, as I change into my gym shorts, I don't flaunt it that I have panties on but if your looking closely, you'll catch a glimpse of lace.

    I often workout in a sports bra and I'm sure the silhouette shows through my t-shirt.

    I find it all a bit exhilirating but no one has vet said anything to me about it.

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    Great thread. I love doing this. I always go shopping for dresses in guy mode w/ panties, pantyhose, some shapewear, and toenails painted underneath. Bring along a DSW bag w/ my favorite high heels. Then I look around and pick out 3 or 4 dresses. It's always a rush asking the SA that I want to try on the dresses. 95% of my experiences have been positive. Then I'll usually leave on the dress I like the best and ask the SA for a dress in another size. So fun getting complements on my dress or heels! They know what they are doing. I usually buy the dress
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    This was a long time ago but, I brought in a pair of 3 1/2 inch red pumps that the heals were wearing out. The shoe guy looked am me and gave a smirk but the shoes were ready in a couple of days. Does this count. Brenda

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    The first time I went shopping locally for a blouse and skirt. I was looking at the skirts and the SA asked if I needed help told her what I was looking for and she asked if I knew her sizes. Told her they were for myself and what size I was looking for. The SA said no problem men came in all of the time either shopping for themselves or their wife/daughter. I found a skirt then went over to where the blouses were and found a blouse. The SA asked if I wanted to try them on which I did. got a changing booth strip down to my under-garments and the SA snickered when she walked by as I had nail polish on my toenails and nylons on. I decided that blouse need to go up a size brought the skirt and blouse and open a charge card for that store. I did go back one other time to shop but after that the SA either quit or got fired. Now I do my shopping off of the internet but hope to start shopping locally again.

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    I will only go shopping when my wife is in the mood. Go in drab with pantyhose underneath, wife carries a pair of my pumps in a bag. We will pick out a couple of dresses, i will try them on and come out of the dressing room to model for my wife. When i hear her talking to another woman i get really nervous but still come out and model. I was called a faggott by one woman, she told my wife that she was sick for letting me do this. Most of the time they say I have nicer legs than they do or just get smiles

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    I don't purposely out myself for a lite thrill. I get nothing out of their surprise. I get more out of them when en femme and talking with them. I shop a lot for female clothes in drab mode. Sometimes if asked I may say it is for someone else (wife, girl friend, daughter) or just keep quiet. I have never been afraid to try on shoes in the shoe area in male mode. I have not yet been obviously caught, but I do not doubt that someone who knows me has seen me doing that. I really enjoy shopping when dressed completely en femme because you see immediately what fits and looks good and what does not. However, that is unfortunately not that often.

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    I used to be terrified of outing myself to SA's and alike, but now I love it. Have had some funny conversations and positive experiences with it

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    "Do others ever make a point of 'outing yourself' unnecessarily just for fun?"

    Nope, not on purpose. I may have done some of the things others have mentioned like returning female clothes to the store, but there was no "outing" intended.

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    Not me. I usually go shopping with my wife and everyone thinks it for her.

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    Does buying clothes fully en femme count as outing yourself?
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    Shoe shopping with painted toenails

    A couple of years ago, whilst on a business trip, I went shoe shopping in 'boy mode'. I was looking for some high heeled pumps and, as per usual when away from home, my toenails were painted - cerise! Trying on pumps, I had to replace my boy socks with the store provided sheer bootees. You should have seen the smile on the SA's face when I peeled off my socks and took my time about donning the bootees. She wanted to know if I'd had a pedicure or painted them myself and admired my handiwork! I lost count of how many pairs I tried on!
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