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Thread: Anyone here ever wear matching fem outfits with their SO?

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    leggings junkie ellbee's Avatar
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    Aug 2016

    Anyone here ever wear matching fem outfits with their SO?

    If so, whose idea is it? And who selects the outfit?

    I suppose behind 4 walls is fine, if that happens.

    But how about also in public, if applicable? Where do you go / have you gone like that?

    Or how about out in public, but you in guy-mode? That's gotta mess with some people a little.

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    Member April Showers's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
    My wife and I went as 2 broke girls for Halloween does that count ? Actually we ordered 2 polka dot vintage dresses (still waiting for them to arrive) maybe we will wear them to the valentines dance next feb.
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    Silver Member Micki_Finn's Avatar
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    Southern California
    Nope. Couldn't do it. Way too cutesy.

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    Stop that, it's silly.... DIANEF's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    The thought horrifies me....
    Here today, gone tomorrow....

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    Silver Member Devi SM's Avatar
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    Riverside, CA near, Corona, Los Angeles.
    One weekend wife and me went to another town, laguna beach, get into the hotel, I fully dress, make up, wig, etc, we have the same size so in those days I use her clothes, so went to dinner to a restaurant as two women, in a moment I kiss her what she refused because didn't want to pass as a lesbian.
    There was a couple of lesbian in a near table kissin a lot, in a moment I surprise my wife with a kiss and she disn't complain.
    After dinner, we left the restaurant grabing her hand as I usually do but outsidw she loos my hand.
    Then we went to different shops together as ywo women, in a very nice perfume boutique we bougth parfumes for each other.
    The owner noticed i'm a man so I ask for male parfume and women for my wife.
    A very nice, fun night sharing the same clothes...
    Does it count?
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    Senior Member Tracy Irving's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    At one point we bought matching bras but she never wore hers. Currently, we have matching pink pajamas but have only worn them at the same time once.

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    Lady By Choice Leslie Langford's Avatar
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    near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    My wife would consider that an "11" out of "10" on the "creepiness" scale.

    In fact, I am now no longer even permitted to buy her articles of clothing for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine's Day or any other special occasion. This is based largely on her unfounded suspicions (paranoia?) that I would also have bought the identical thing for myself in my size, given that I liked the item enough to have chosen it for her in the first place.

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    Madam Ambassador Heidi Stevens's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Central Arkansas, U.S
    We are DADT for everything but Heidi's closet. That means she doesn't want to see me dressed let alone matching outfits. She does have access to the closet in another bedroom that I use for my clothing because she uses part of it too. All this said, we do have matching tops. Here's the story: she had gone to visit a cousin for a few days and the weather turned extremely hot. She needed a couple of sleeveless tops to get by. She found a couple of cute Liz Claiborne tops at Penney's.
    When she returned home, I was looking at doing some of the laundry to help out. There on top of the luggage is a Liz Claiborne top I had bought four weeks earlier! Panic! Did I leave it out accidentally? I picked it up and looked at it. Oh my, she bought a copy that was a size smaller! Now what, say you have one too? She wants DADT, so I won't tell, just chuckle that I bought first.
    The outcome? Three days later, she goes to the other bedroom closet to get something out of her side and I hear a very loud OMG! She comes into the sun room and asks why I took her top. I smiled and said "look at the size". I then told her I bought mine weeks before her and started doing the twilight zone theme.
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    My wife and I dress alike all the time.... we're jeans and tee shirt kind of people... lol

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    Aspiring Member Jackie7's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    We often do. We have quite a few matching outfits.

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    Stand-up Comedian En Fem❤ Alice_2014_B's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    Puyallup, WA (USA)
    Not here.
    I wanted us to go out matching for Halloween.
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    Weirdest woman ever! docrobbysherry's Avatar
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    Orange County, Calif.
    There is a member here, Rita, who always shows up with her SO, who makes identical outfits/costumes for them both!

    What makes it even more remarkable is she is tiny and Rita is a big girl. Maybe she will read this and post a photo?
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    Aspiring Member Dorit's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    Yes, often at home. We shop together and sometimes buy the same sweater or dress because we both like it so much. We do occasionally go out dressed together "out of town" (We live in a small village), but have yet to wear the same oufit. We are considering it though!

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    Silver Member franlee's Avatar
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    SE USA
    Oh yes, we have many of the same outfits, dresses, shoes and suits. I have one wig that is styled and the color of her hair. I'm a lot bigger than she is so we have to duplicate the clothes but it is a big turn on for me and she seems to enjoy it also especially when I help or do her work for her. My late wife and I were close enough to the same size that we could wear the same clothes and even shoes but we had a few of the favorite outfits dubbed plus she wore a uniform 5 days a week so I had plenty of them to don during the day. Her hair was a different color but I still have the wig that matched hers and the makeup that suited that color.
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    Reality Check Krisi's Avatar
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    Most women would be horrified to show up somewhere with another woman wearing the same outfit (unless it was a uniform) so no, my wife and I don't wear matching clothes.

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    Girliegirl Jillian Faith's Avatar
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    My wife and I have several matching items from dresses to tops to shoes, but we would never wear them out in public together at the same time.

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    Platinum Member Beverley Sims's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Matching nightwear and lingerie.

    Wearing matching outfits out can draw unwanted attention.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    GG Gabriella111's Avatar
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    Southern US
    I would do this. My CD has a cute style. Leggings or skinny jeans, camis, and simple tops. He's a huge fan of Mary Jane's, which aren't really my shoe preference, but otherwise I'm totally down.

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    Senior Member Majella St Gerard's Avatar
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    Myrtle Beach SC
    Matching panties that was about it.

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    Gold Member ~Joanne~'s Avatar
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    Nope, and to be honest I don't think she nor I would be very comfortable matching like that. Her style is way different than mine so it just wouldn't wash and I am sorta happy it won't
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    Aspiring Member Joyce Swindell's Avatar
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    My wife and I were shopping once and I love polka-dots (? spelling). We found a nice dress with them and they had in both of our sizes. I once suggested we wear them out together and got a well defined no. She wears hers to work once in a while but I've only worn mine around the house a bit and once while driving. I'm a little jealous of her...she does look better in than I think I do. lol

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    Senior Member Jennifer in CO's Avatar
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    all the time...ok often anyway. We have matching VW shirts and wear jeans at the same time...or matching event shirts and wear jeans at the same time. Once, we even wore the same t-shirt with jeans at the same time. That was a trick...both of us in the same t shirt at once....

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    Member greeneyes's Avatar
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    near Cincinnati Ohio
    My hubby CD and I did...(pics R in the pics section) We did it in private, I don't know if we would go out like that. We joked about going to an upcoming Christmas Party that way, I think we look a lot alike, we could pass as sisters, but I think she should not feel like people are comparing us, so I doubt we will. I think it can be fun, but only if it is her choice.

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    We have on occasion gotten matching undies but it would be kinda weird to dress as twins . Also , it would definitely draw attention to us if we did and we prefer to blend . I actually help her buy things and and dress her as I tend to be a bit more fashion conscious then she is. We do have some of the same or similar outfits but would never wear them while together . We have shared each others clothes in the past as well .

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    A Soutnern Belle from Southern Utah
    Back when I had an SO, we once played "who wore it best". Didn't go out, but I picked the outfit and she liked it so much that she wore it to work the next day.

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