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Thread: Just came out to my sister today

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    Just came out to my sister today

    She was shocked and obviously had no idea, but was very loving and supportive. She also said she felt honored that I trusted her with this. I had prepped her by warning that I had something really important to share that she had to keep to her self. After I told her, she said something like:

    Her: Thank goodness it wasn't something serious.
    Me: This is serious.
    Her: Yes, but you are OK, and your family is OK. I'm shocked, but I was afraid of something much worse.

    That really helped me put this in perspective. She was right. I am OK! My family is OK!

    Another interesting note: after we had been talking a while she asked if I had pictures. As she flipped though them, she keep say that she barely recognized me. Then she got to one where I was wearing sunglasses as the only difference from the picture before. Suddenly she said she could see me in the picture. I had been using the glasses to hide behind and make it harder to recognize me. Oops!

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    It's great that you sister is so accepting and supportive. I know how hard it can be to tell someone, so good on ya for having the courage to get it out there.
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    That's great, my sisters response was very similar
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    That's awesome! Good for you Daphne. I don't have a sister but came out to my wife on our second date and several female friends since then who have all embraced it. It's scary, but when prepped, assessed, and presented in the right way to the right person, it's so empowering. I have also come out to a few of my very male friends, which was really scary, but after prepping them the right way, talking about what we like in a woman sexually and found common ground, it was easy and now they ask me to dress for them and hang out. Fun times. Some girls will say that this doesn't stimulate them sexually, but for me it's what this started as when I slid on mom's pantyhose for the first time when I was young to my wife who loves them just as much. I look at it as the picture of my sexuality and my fantasy girl. Find common ground and go from there until the time is right, reminding them that they have nothing to gain by telling anyone and that you trust them for life. It helps to have some dirt on them first lol but if they are true friends, then everything should be ok. Just keep your commitment and always hold up your end of the friendship bargain.
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    Awesome Daphne, really happy for you, keep us posted on further updates. Sounds like a really great 'out'come for you
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    Really glad it worked out well! I am out to my children (30+ years old) and it gave me some free space. Hugs Lana Mae
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    My sisters are very supportive. I have gone out with them dancing and shopping. Lots of fun!!

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    I'm happy for you. When I came out years ago to my sister, she already knew which helped a lot.

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    That is fantastic thank god she is like that. Support is what we all need.
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    I think things have changed a lot in recent years. It was not so long ago that a revelation like this would be "something serious" with pick-'em odds of being rejected and ostracized in many families and communities. I know the feeling exactly of running every potential negative reaction through your head over and over before the moment comes, then being soooooooooo relieved when you get a shrug and a hug, turn the page, and get on with living.

    Give your sis a hug for us, OK? My only sister has been totally matter-of-fact about it for decades. And good luck if and when you decide to widen your circle.

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    Hey Daphne, I'm so happy for you it worked really well!

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    My wife has known since before we were married. I have not been able to get myself to tell anyone else. I am happy that it has worked out so well for you.

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