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Thread: Sales Assistants know what you are up to

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    Sales Assistants know what you are up to

    Yesterday I went to Kohls (in drab) and picked out a long black dress, lingerie and 3" pointy black pumps. At the checkout, the SA gave me a cheeky smile and said "someone is going to be very glamorous in this outfit". I couldn't help turning bright red, but after I got in my car I realized that I loved that moment. Does anyone else enjoy being 'caught' ?

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    Yep, SAs know. I used to buy things 'for my wife' until recently, and I was asked many times if what I was buying was for me. I wouldn't say I enjoyed being asked, but it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Just noticed it's your first post, good one!!
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    I'm so bad.
    It's getting so that I live for those moments. Don't know why.
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    I make a point, depending on the situation, of telling them it's for myself. Most are happy to help. Julie

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    My reply to any searching quote like you experienced is...."I certainly hope so" :-)
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    Of course they know, that is, unless it is their first day or they have their head in the sand. I worked retail for New York & Co. You can make up any story you want, but your body language tells the truth.

    Just be up front and honest. I've shopped openly as a male for 15 years. I can count 2 times that an SA was uneasy and that was about 15 years ago. A good SA will jump right in to help you.

    Several years ago when an SA was helping me, she said that she enjoyed it because it was like dressing Barbie. I stated to her--"in this case it's like dressing Ken". we both got a laugh out of it.


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    More like Kendra.

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    I had an SA ask if the panties I was buying were for me I look at her and say you don't think they would look good on me she stopped cold look at me and cracked up said she had never gotten that reply before

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    SAs, don't mind having some fun, when they do the job day in day out something different or a pleasant interaction breaks the monotony of so many non interactive customers. I ran my own business for thirty years, being pleasant and having some fun does bring it's rewards. I guess it explains why I'm not too phased when shopping for my CDing needs.

    The thing to do now is get dressed and made up take some pictures wearing the items and go show her them, she'll love it ! It will also help you become more comfortable with your dressing.

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    I enjoy dialogue with SA's, but it's been my experience that when we are "en drab" they only know what we volunteer or allow them to know. I've bought women's wear (everything from stockings and lingerie, to outdoor wear) since I was a teenager. Bought them both for myself, and for various women in my life. The vast majority of times the SA "assumed" I was purchasing for a woman, whether I was or not. At times the SA would joke or say something to tease or suggest they thought I was buying or looking for myself. Occasionally the SA would ask flat out if I was purchasing for myself or someone else.

    Granted...we can give ourselves away in various ways, but confidence goes a long way.

    I could be wrong, but I suspect there's a fair number of men who don't crossdress, but do buy clothes for women in their lives. Somehow I doubt they are as concerned about doing that as much as some of us are.


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    Last night I was in a Hallmark store and I was buying a Barbie makeup bag for my wife's Christmas stocking. The lady at the counter said "Oh, is this for you?" I replied "Well, I have to keep my makeup somewhere!" She had a good chuckle. Sometimes I think they are just trying to be funny, so why not give it back?

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    From my first time shopping for myself, I made no secret that it was for me. That didn't necessarily mean I told them outright, but if asked, I told the truth. Every SA I met never skipped a beat, they continued with their help and advice as though they see people like me every day.

    They know it's for yourself, whether you tell them or not. And they really don't mind. It's just not as big a deal as you think it is. What gets their spidey-sense working is when you start acting like you're doing something wrong. If you're nervous, or evasive or avoiding them, are you looking like a shoplifter, or some creepy pervert or worse? If you own it and speak frankly with your SA, you are a CUSTOMER, and worth all of her respect and expertise, just like any woman shopping there. THAT'S when the real fun begins.

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    I love to flirt with sales assistants!

    Basically they are women who love fashion, gossip, cosmetics, lingerie etc. They are normally very understanding and kind. I like to approach them with direct questions, like "these lovely stockings have lace tops, can I wear them with a garter belt?"

    I have had a lot of detailed conversations about bra straps, chicken fillets, wearing heels etc., and they love it as much as I do!

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    I used the girlfriend excuse several times until I realized it made the whole thing a whole lot worse for me. I felt nervous not only because I was afraid of being read, but also because I was afraid that SAs might see through the lie and make fun of me.

    I stopped "relying" on this tactic after an SA said that "she" could return it in 30 days if the size wasn't right without any previous hint as to who I was buying the item for. My experience is that almost everytime I'm shopping SAs either are quiet or just ask whether I would like to buy anything else for "her".

    There were only two occasions that an SA could have been suspecting of anything. On one occasion I was buying heels in a size rather big for a woman's foot and when I was about to pay the SA looked me in the eyes and smiled curiously; on the other I couldn't decide what to buy so I was walking around the store aimlessly, when and a young woman that was promoting make-up services in the store approached me and asked whether I was buying for a girlfriend or..., leaving enough space to fill in as if giving me an opportunity to just say the dreaded sentence. Not surprisingly I chickened out...

    Here's me hoping that next time the opportunity presents itself I will muster enough courage to own it like many of you.
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    Occasionally, I do buy things while in male mode ( I prefer to shop for things as Mindy ). If the sales associates is not busy and is kinda chatty I take out a picture of me as Mindy and show them. It is all fun and really not an issue . Maybe it also can be a fun moment for there otherwise boring day .

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    I have fun with them when they do that because if they start the conversation its game on I will milk it for all its worth.
    Sometimes you will get a "well the outfit is cute so please come back in wearing it so we can all see it" is one response I have gotten.
    I did come back to that SA to show her and I made a very nice friend that day.
    She calls or emails me at least once a month just to chat.
    You get out what you put into it as far as having fun with it.

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    ............ At the checkout, the SA gave me a cheeky smile and said "someone is going to be very glamorous in this outfit"........
    I think the SA was just being a good salesperson . It's basically good salesmanship to say that whoever a product is for, they are confident that they will like it, etc.
    You always want the customer to feel good about their purchase.

    IMO, saying that ""someone is going to be very glamorous in this outfit." and , the cheeky smile for the 3 inch pumps is just part of that and nothing more.
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    You're not getting caught, you are being treated as you deserve. Revel in it! Enjoy it! Own it! The other day I picked up a few items at a thrift store, 2 dresses and 2 blouses. The cashier commented on how nice one of the blouses was (I was dressed in my truck driver clothes, unshaven for days). I told her I had the perfect skirt for it and couldn't pass up one of the dresses and we had a lovely conversation while she cashed me out. I left smiling ear to ear. I've done this hundreds of times and every time I have an experience like this, I makes me so happy to be who I am. It never gets old.
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    Yes I tell the SA I am buying this bra or pair of panties for me sometimes the SA seems shocked but has always been very helpful

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    Hi Caitlyn, Welcome to our forum, When you are here you are home.

    I have had SA's say something like This will look great on you, And with out missing a beat
    I just say I sure hope so or I will be returning it in the morning.

    Twice in the last couple weeks I was buying tops and I was asked if I wanted a gift receipt I said
    I don't need one they are for me, And the other day I was buying a necklace and earrings
    and the same question and I gave the same answer ......
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    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

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    I am a chicken, I have gotten to where I only shop while dressed. It is a lot less awkward and of course it's for me!

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    I guess I am once again an odd case. I haven't ever been asked if the merchandise is for me. At the beginning of my crossdressing, I had the "it's for my wife/girlfriend" reason that I would have used as I wasn't comfortable with being a cd during that time. Thankfully, they never questioned. My partner and I went into a store a couple years ago and had the sales associate mention that the store only carries women clothing. My reply was "yes, we didn't fall of the turnip truck. We are crossdressers who've been interested in checking out what you got". In which brought a big welcoming smile from her and she seemed to enjoy picking out dresses for us to try on. Funny thing was that she had socialized with me a few times at kink community coffee meets as Chantal prior and didn't recognize or realize it was actually me until the coffee meet after our store wandering.

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    I can't say that I "enjoy" it, but I no longer mind if a sales person knows.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    No, they don't always know. Even if they say "is this for you?" they don't really know. They are either being funny or curious. But yes, I always admit it when they ask.

    Maybe for fun I'll lie next time I get that question and nervously say, "absolutely not, it's for my mother in law rest her soul". haha
    "You're the only one to see the changes you take yourself through", Stevie Wonder

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    I always assume that the salespeople know the clothes are for me. I often get complements on my selections, but I assume that's just normal politeness.

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