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Thread: Taking a tiny risk

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    This morning I went to BJ's, Aldi's, and then had to stop by a house I used to live in to pick up the rent from the mailbox. I was wearing a new black skirt, Sheer Energy Nude Pantyhose, ladies pumps, and a long sleeve male pull over shirt that I have had for a long time, no bra. I did not wear any makeup or wig and have a goatee. Any person that saw me would have known who I was. When I went into BJ's the guy at the door was a regular. I smiled big and asked him how he was doing. He smiled back and said good. I smiled and strolled thru the store confidently. I am sure some people thought I was crazy, but I am not concerned with them. Any person that I had contact with were friendly. One lady shopper at Aldi was very nice and said something like "hi darling".

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    The vast majority of us who have ventured out have done so by pushing the boundaries a little at a time. Each extra step brings with it an element of a thrill. This might be in the form of an Adrenalin rush or post event euphoria. It can become addictive to some extent. I know there are those who got up one day, put on there glad rags , slap and wig, took a deep breath and stepped out and that was it, job done. Even they I'll wager felt that rush inside.

    Those who dress indoors still have that feeling, the potential for being discovered, the postman or neighbour calling. It's in our nature that we instinctively try to keep ourselves safe while also being inquisitive creatures who like to explore new places.
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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    Yes, my fluffy warm guy robe is pretty long but it still leaves about 6/8" of nightgown showing. I used to slip on some pants or hike it up when going out in the yard for whatever reason early in the morning. Now I just figure it'd be hard to tell from a distance and if I was noticed, I don't think anyone would say anything. Our neighbors are mostly older women and I believe they'd most all be "Eh, so what?". If we were in a closer neighborhood with younger, manly men around I might feel and act different. I've actually considered inviting one of the neighbor ladies that I don't know very well over for a morning get-to-know-you coffee/chat and greeting her in a nice simple house dress. Just a passing thought...

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    A female friend of mine always waves when we drive past each other, she knows my car, but hers is just average and I don't realize it's her till she is on top of me, we have never past each other whilst I'm fully dressed, but it is bound to happen, I wonder what she will do or say the next time I see her after it happens, I don't really care as long as she is not negative or abusive towards me about it.
    Sophie Mosley

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