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    Yesterday my friend on vacation messaged me and explained to me that he's trying to set his Nest thermostat and his house is not raising in temperature so he thought his furnace wasn't working and asked if I could go by his house. Of course I was dressed and I threw my pants and a jacket on, I message him when I got to his front door, he opened the door with his I-Phone.
    When I entered I was looking on the walls For the thermostat and I hear someone calling my name. I answer and my friend said to look on the table that he has a camera there. Oh,oh I look down at my pantyhose feet and hope he doesn't see my feet and my breast size. I did what I had to do and once I left I thought to myself that technology is taking away all privacy and we are never alone.I'm surprised I didn't remember because he told me he put the camera to watch his dog.
    We must watch out for technology, anyone else here have a close call because of technology?

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    smart phones have gotten me in trouble more then once text went to the wrong person sent more pics then I wanted and pics I did not want anyone to see

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    It is getting worse with face recognition. Biometrics is getting very good and now the googles of the world and scanning everything using them.

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    It's not technology. It's laziness. If you really don't want to get caught, it's pretty simple to avoid it.
    Really, somebody calls for assistance, how long does it take to strip off the girl clothes and throw on some briefs, sox, jeans, a sweat shirt, and sneakers (that is a prime benefit of being a male, nobody really gives a crap how we look when we run out of the house to help someone)? Takes me all of about 2 minutes, throw on a jacket and I can be out the door. I may not be happy that I have to leave my pretty things, but it's not a colossal project to do it. For reference, that happened to me, too, tonight; neighbor needed a jump start. Doorbell rang, I peeked outside through the curtains and saw the car's hood up, and him at the door. He knew I was home. So, no other option. Wig, off. Earrings, bracelet, off. Dress, off. Bra, panties, off. Stockings off, socks on. Briefs on. Jeans on, sweatshirt on, run to bathroom, wipe off lipstick. jam feet into sneakers without tying laces, and off I went.

    Luckily I wasn't wearing nail polish because that's a five minute rush job to remove, though I did cut it down to three once by soaking a towel with a whole bottle of nail polish remover and doing all ten fingers at the same time. I recommend that all of us try it sometime just to know that you can do it; but you will ruin a towel in the process.
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    Some causes of crossdressing you've probably never even considered: My TG biography at:
    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sometimes_miss View Post
    It's not technology. It's laziness..
    Maybe in some cases, but which of us honestly hasn't made a simple mistake now and then. I've left this forum page showing on my PC a number of times, pretty sure my son has seen it at least once, but so far hasn't mentioned it. As for your neighbour, if I had some Diane time and he knocked on my door I'd leave him and his piece of crap car to it.
    Here today, gone tomorrow....

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    My sister also has a camera installed in our living room. Everytime that i'm dressed and I need to pass through the living room I rush from one of the camera's blind spot to the next to avoid being seen.

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    Having cameras all over the house is soo creepy sounding to me.

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    I recently installed one covering the driveway of my house. Luckily, I am the only one that can see the recordings. I haven't dressed to go out since but I do have to remember to think about it.

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    I too have a camera to watch the driveway but it isn't set to record, more to give me a heads up if someone is coming to the door. I've thought about the quick change situation and have decided if any of the neighbors come to the door while in non-pants mode I'll just answer the door. I'm pretty comfy with the thought of being "out" to any of the close neighbors at this time. No, I don't necessarily Want to come out to them but on the other hand it would be much easier to do the quick walk to the garage at times if they knew. I suspect that the day will come when the neighbors who have the right viewing access will not think twice if they see me outside briefly in a skit or dress. (They all know I wear kilts from time to time so it's not that big of a step to a floor length skirt. A bright summer sun dress may be another story...)

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    Yes, we must watch out for technology. In your case, you didn't. Lesson learned (we hope).

    Technology has cost us our privacy. You can't go anywhere without being on camera. Gas station, bank, Wal-Mart, convenience store, etc. Some cities have even mounted cameras in public areas and use facial recognition software to keep track of known criminals.

    I certainly wouldn't walk into a friend or neighbor's house dressed, cameras or not. I don't walk out my door dressed, I dress somewhere else. If I end up on film or video, it will be as an anonymous woman (or crossdresser) going about her business a long way from where I live.

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    Your line; Some cities have even mounted cameras in public areas and use facial recognition software to keep track of known criminals. tickled me. Come to the UK especially London and the other large cities and they're everywhere. London has vast numbers;

    Based on a small sample in Putney High Street, McCahill and Norris extrapolated the number of surveillance cameras in Greater London to be around 500,000 and the total number of cameras in the UK to be around 4,200,000. According to their estimate the UK has one camera for every 14 people.

    Facial recognition software was in use 2 decades ago.

    As for our own use and interactions with tech, it's so easy to become blasé when we use it every day. Photos on phones, unprotected memory sticks, separate femme email addresses, browsing history. All have the potential to expose us so care is always needed.
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    This is a real concern, and much of it (like the surveillance state in the UK) is Orwellian. I cannot wait for "technology" to catch up in terms of countermeasures and jamming devices. The value of privacy and anonymity, especially in the public sphere, cannot be understated.

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    Technology is an issue, but worse for those who use it but don't fully understand it. I have been programming for over 40 years, so I am good in that arena, but not in knowing where cameras may be set up. Apple's facial recognition feature did not recognize Ellen despite thousands of my drab self, but professional versions are probably better - not that we are doing anything illegal. I have some pictures password protected, but some newer ones I haven't locked down yet. But my wife knows and chooses to not look for anything anymore.
    Hugs, Ellen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracii G View Post
    Having cameras all over the house is soo creepy sounding to me.
    Absolutely. It's Orwellian and ripe with abuse potential.

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