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Thread: Later ya'll....

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    Later ya'll....

    No, this is not goodbye, but due to how busy I am dealing with everyday life as a woman, I am finding I have less time to visit the forum, so to speak. I have also copied my Journal from the Safe Haven Section on this forum, to a public blog, so anyone can now view it. Along with daily posts about how my transition is going, I managed to create an archive for the 300+ posts over the past two years as well. So if anyone has difficulties sleeping...that should work nicely!! .

    The blog site is called Erin's Inner Voice, Finding My Reflection. The URL is:

    That is the site I will now be updating, hopefully on a daily basis. I find it very helpful to journal in this manner as it helps me to articulate my thoughts and feelings, provides a space for me to vent, and hopefully will prevent someone from making the same mistakes I did.

    Please note that all content relates to my experiences. So use your discretion. It may not relate to your experiences, and that's fine. But you may find that it is a useful resource, as well as provide a realization that you are not alone in your feelings or experiences, etc.

    Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year, be safe, be well

    Erin (now all grown up....well, sort of!! )
    Seize the day. Life is short, and you're dead a long time...just sayin' ...

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    Erin I wish you the best on your amazing journey, and it takes a lot of courage and strength to make it through; confidence level: high.


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    Good luck Erin, I'll be following your progress off site as I have here. I have the same best bud relationship with my electrologist that you have. I love her to death and she's turned into one of my best friends as well. Just when we think we're totally unique, we find out what a small world it really is. I know I said good luck...but I also know you're the last person to need it! Lisa

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