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Thread: First Event 2017

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    First Event 2017

    It is just 3 weeks away that First Event will be held in Marlborough MA at a new venue. It is a great time for our community of the Northeast can gather and enjoy the company of friends, old and new, as well as attend many formal activities and workshops !
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    I wish I could go it always seems to fall on my wife's bday, while she loves to get dressed up this isn't something she is interested in doing on her bday.

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    I'd love to go to this sometime but it's just a week after our Invasion event in Detroit.
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    I've never been and I know that I can't this year either. Besides, in my DADT relationship, this would be a very big issue. So I will say "Have fun!" to everyone who is going.

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    I am probably going to head up there for a few days, got offered a room and a ride, how can I say no to that LOL...but I will still play it by ear with the weather, FE is famous for its bad weather , if anyone is in need of a makeover, scarlets makeovers will be up there, and my roommate Heather is helping her do all the makeovers, if anyone is interested in getting a makeover up there let me know and i can put you in contact with them , slots are almost gone xoxo
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    I've registered for the Friday and Saturday workshops. (Homework from my gender counselor. ) I was only ever at one of these and it was a decade or more ago so I'm looking forward to see what it's like now.
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    A true newbie here going with support of SO Thurs and Fri. so very excited and nervous.

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