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Thread: Sex transition challenges: Failed Breast implant surgery.

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    Sex transition challenges: Failed Breast implant surgery.

    Where you able to have a smooth transition from male to female? Unfortunately, it was difficult for me.

    I started with facial surgeries and had to undergo twice to get the look I wanted. I had my breast implant surgery last month. But it was a failure. And I need additional surgery to deal with complications. I feel numbness. My surgeon was not at all bothered post surgery. He sent me off with painkillers when I visited him. After consulting with my primary doctor I consulted another surgeon who told me that the silicon has caused infection. A very few supported my decision. Now I am suffering all alone.
    Did anyone have a similar experience?

    Next week I will be undergoing a surgery to remove the implants and infection. Please support and pray for me.
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    You might need to provide more info about yourself Betty. You've appeared on the forum asking questions about suing doctors, failed surgeries and prayers to help you get better. Where have you been before? It is an unusual pathway to have FFS only prior to either BA or GRS. Have you transitioned socially? Medically?

    If we are going to help you here we will need to know a little bit more about you and your experiences.

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    Not to be contrary, but most of the TS that I know that get FFS, generally get it before BA and/or SRS. Some may take quite a while before getting SRS, or not at all.

    Have a very close friend that got an Orchi so as not to have to take anti-T anymore. Has scheduled FFS for MAR. She said not sure if or when to get SRS. Has not mentioned getting BA.

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    My apologies. I am happy to stand corrected on that point.

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    I got my FFS first....i wasnt sure about SRS..... ended up getting ba and srs at same time and was surprised that BA hurt more at least at first...

    i never much cared for my "Parts" but i was honestly ambivalent but i couldnt imagine tucking for my whole life eitehr..
    I am real

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    As a tucker, I can agree that those parts shouldn't be there in the first place. I'm over-plumbed.

    Time for a change.

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    lovelybetty, I'm so sorry to hear how poorly your surgeries went. Did you get all those surgeries with the same doctor, or did you go to different surgeons for your FFS and BA?

    There is always a risk of a negative outcome when it comes to surgery. Before my FFS, I had to sign a lot of documents acknowledging that I understood and agreed to all the horrible possibilities that could happen (one was permanent blindness). Of course the chances of something bad happening are quite rare, especially with an experienced surgeon, but they can still happen. You seem quite unlucky.

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    And here I thought I was an expert on Sue! Damn lawyers make my name a negative.

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    LOL @ Sue!
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    Just wondering if the breast implants were silicone injections?
    What qualifications did the surgeon have?
    I know some people get silicone injections from unqualified "doctors" really cheap but it often results in later problems.

    No, I have not been through this, just curious about those details.
    It takes a true Erin to be a pain in the assatar.

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    I'm surprised breast implant surgery would be a problem. It's fairly common with women. What qualifications did the doctor have and how many of these has he/she done?

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and hope that next week goes well for you!

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