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Thread: Your attitude to your Male wardrobe vs Female one

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    I personally hate shopping for male clothes, but enjoy shopping for female ones. For one, there is so much more diversity in female clothing. Just go on amazon and browse male clothing... same drab pants, same drab shirts. For men, there are dress shirts, t-shirts, tank tops and they all look the same. For women, there are all kinds of different types of blouses with different frills, cuts, and layers. Same thing for skirts... so many different styles and variations. Diversity is fun. For two, I can't even buy male pants online as I'm 30x28... try finding me slacks on amazon at that waist x inseam size. I typically have to go to boys sizes to avoid hemming and then you have to deal with a totally different sizing system... constantly having to return clothes that don't fit. For women's clothes, I can go on amazon and pretty much wear anything meant for women sized medium with no hemming. Just buy and wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy23 View Post
    I will probably be in the minority, but I'm very interested in and fond of men's clothing and care about what I put on myself.
    Quote Originally Posted by StarrOfDelite View Post
    I'm probably in the minority, but I like to be well-dressed in male mode.
    Wow - halfway down page 2 before I found some answers that echo my own thoughts - I never imagined that would be the case when I clicked on the thread title!

    I *love* my girl wardrobe, but equally my male one too. However, a little like my girl wardrobe, I don't get to wear my male wardrobe-of-choice anywhere near as much as I'd like to, mainly due to work 'expectations'. For my out-of-work attire, I have 3/4 go to brands that I know I will like almost anything they produce (Reiss, All Saints, Cos - actually, I love their female sections too!) and I also have a trainer collection bigger than my heel collection.

    I figured that the majority our 'community' would be similarly minded, but if there's one thing I've learned since I've been here, it's that we're a broad church!

    Jemima x

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    Well I haven't bought mens clothes in years. I feel much more comfortable in women's clothes.

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    Bec...I haven't a care in the world as to how I look in masculine attire. My wife has to buy all my male mode clothes or I'll just keep wearing what I already own without replacing. But, my feminine side is a whole different story. I care deeply about how I look and I'm so interested in the latest fashion trends perusing Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, Glamour and InStyle regularly. And it seems I'm buying a new dress at least every few months. It really is time to go through my dresses and donate a few to the local thrift store. I buy very nice dresses so I'm sure the gals on the forum would love to know when I drop off a few things at the store b/c they'll be fighting among themselves to snatch them up! LOL xxxx Nikki
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    Usually male clothes don't really do anything for me, so I stick to the basics, jeans and a t-shirt. However once in a blue moon if I'm dressed up in nice men's clothes I kind of feel good, not as good as when I'm dressed as Stephanie though.

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    About once a month I have to wear a suit and tie for work. I hate those days it just feels all wrong to me. Last time as was in a suit, I was walking up a flight of stairs with a large mirror at the top, for a moment I thought there is a guy in a suit following me!!
    You are only as old as the woman you feel.

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    Well, I think I'm in the majority of this group. I've gone through my male clothes and thinned them out a lot. I'm only wearing them from work because I don't have any female/andro clothing that would work. I've still got male clothes that I haven't gotten rid of, but they are on the way out the door. I honestly dislike my male clothing, I just wish my female clothing was growing at a larger rate. That way I could get rid of my male clothing.
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    I have never had a real interest in men's or boy's clothes. For many years I've worn blue jeans, a pocketed T-shirt, and a chamous type shirt when needed. I'm sure that this was because of my lack of interest in men's clothes. On the other hand, I've been looking at female clothing forever. I once though it was only because of the girls in them (which it was of course), but now I realize that the clothing had a bigger hold on me (due to having no self pride and therefore hopes with regard to girls and women). If I'd only known that decades earlier.... damn!

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    I have always hated buying men's clothes. My men's wardrobe basically amounts to jeans and T-shirts or sweatshirts. I have some dress clothing for special occasions. I hate shopping for my male self,but I love shopping for my feminine side. I can spend hours digging through clearance racks of women's clothes. When I need male clothing I loathe to shop for it.

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    Looking / buying clothes for either sex can be tricky.

    Have AFAB who is looking for a man's TUX, but have it tailored for her definitely female figure. She is NO Butch Lesbian either.

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