Yesterday in the MtF and the TS section a duplicate thread was started. Out of all who looked at both threads which was over 100 members only 4 members bothered to report it, to those people thank you. Both threads were dealt with and the member banned.

Now to those who had a moan about it not being removed, and "I've had less removed" "where are the mods/admins now" well why instead of moaning why didn't you use the report feature, was it that you couldn't be bothered or felt the need yet again to have a go at the staff.

All the staff and by all, I mean myself and Tamara Croft who are the admins here, and all the moderators have lives off the forum, we work full time, give our time freely to try and keep this site clean and safe for it members, then we get some who just have to have a go, well thanks a a lot.

Next time anyone has a moan about staff for not removing a thread/post that obviously needs removing, and doesn't report it will find themselves on moderation and if you think I'm joking try me!