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Thread: Ask A Transsexual - Part Two

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    Hi Ariana, I’ve been on HRT for 3 years now and I have noticed a great reduction in sweating. My wife picked up on this too. She noticed that after a day of hard work together, she was soaked and my shirt was barely wet. I’ve also notice that I don’t really stink either. Nice problem, no? I also don’t wear deodorant most days, no reason to.
    Remember though, this is just me. You may react differently than I did.
    Be yourself. Everyone else is taken!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IleneD View Post
    Have you - actually used your vagina?

    My husband is a man (sorta), we had sex about an hour ago. I had my first orgasm, post surgery, that wasn't self inflicted! wow!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirya View Post
    for everyone: Why do you think you waited so long to transition?
    Unadulterated gutless fear of others opinion of me. So terribly sad and at this juncture, pathetically embarrassing.

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    Was it what I expected? No. It was much better.

    I expected to lose a few friends, and I have lost three, long distance friends, that I know of. And one brother. I got over it, and on with my wonderful life. My life attitude is so much better, and I never think of suicide any more.

    I expected to lose my clients (my work takes me into client's homes), and my major business (running a school). Neither happened.

    I was told by my endo to expect breast development about one cup size less than my mother and maternal grandmother - and thats exactly what I have. I did not ask about the rest of my body, and if I had she would have said it will likely mirror theirs, too - and since the women in my family have small butts, no hips, but do have mid-riff fat - i have developed that, too. I've put on over 20# since I started HRT three years ago.

    The biggest issue post-surgery for me was I couldn't restart my exercise routine for nearly six months. And it has been hard to lose the 10# I gained during those months. But I am committed to reclaiming my figure, and will keep working on that.

    What would I do differently? I would have started counseling, with a therapist who specializes in working with gender issues, sooner. Could I have transitioned 20 years sooner? No, society was not as accepting then as it is now. And science did not know about genetics we now know.
    But if I had read Jennifer Boylan's first book, "She's Not There", in the early 2000's when she wrote it, I would have transitioned many years sooner.

    Before I transitioned I felt like a lurker when I dressed. After I transitioned its like my whole life is 'just normal'. I get up, use the restroom, shower, dress, go about my day, and rarely ever think about my body, my genitals, my clothes, other than picking out what I will wear that day, and why.
    "If you are living the life you want to live you've successfully transitioned to being the person you want to be." - Eryn
    Thank you Persephone and Eryn, for helping me find and become my true self. Shalom Persephone, April 15, 2018.

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