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Thread: That new new feeling of treated like a Girl by Men!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allisa View Post
    There have been times when I was expressing my femme self and had men open doors, carry heavy things and just be all around gentlemen, I react and act accordingly(female) so as not to be ignorant of their kindness. It shows their upbringing of how a man acts when in the presence of women, even if that woman isn't quite what the appearance is. It reinforces my femme self in knowing I am acting in my normal state of mind. I guess this doesn't answer your question as I don't think of myself as a guy in a dress per say.
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    I only dress at night, and my thrill of being treated like a female is a little different, and a lot of people would think I'm nuts. My apartment is down the street from a couple of clubs, and I can see the parking lots from my 4th floor apt. When I see guys heading to their cars I go down the stairs and up the sidewalk a bit. When I see a car about to turn on my street I start walking back towards my building as though I'm just heading home from the club. I love the thrill of headlights on me, and I get a fair share of honks and catcalls. Their is a side entrance that never gets used, and I slip a piece of cardboard in the doorjamb so if I need to make a hasty retreat, I can open it and pull it shut locked. A couple of times cars have slowed way down and once a guy asked if I needed a ride. I just waved and turned towards the entrance, and he went on his way. In no way is this being treated like a lady but I do enjoy the attention and the sense of being desireable, even though it's coming from a somewhat inebriated audience. I also hide a camera and record it sometimes.
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    Its a great feeling its nice to know some men are still kind to women

    Like Allisa & Tracii I have had doors opened for me and had help with heavy objects.

    I take it as a compliment and always thank them for the help.

    I have heard from one or two friends that some men have asked for more details about me. (assuming I am a GG)

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    I loved it .the first time i got whistled at OMG! it made me so happy

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