For the first time I went out for a drive in broad daylight, fully dressed and actually interacted with people. Well, I was fully dressed for half the time. Let me explain...

I was working from home for the day and took advantage of it by going full femme clothing wise. By about 11:00 I decided to go out to get a sandwich. This time, instead of taking off everything or at best underdressing only in pantyhose, I decided to just pull on drab stuff over what I was wearing. So I pulled on a pair of sweat pants over my tights clad legs and tucked in my t-shirt dress. I donned my heavy leather bomber jacket to cover up the bra that encircled my chest and the forms that filled it out. Eschewing boy socks, I just slipped my feet into a pair of flats.

Looking suitably drab, I drove over to the local Chopped Leaf to get my sandwich. Even with it being only a five minute drive I took extra care not to speed or cut off anyone. I arrived and parked, waiting for any pedestrians to walk a comfortable distance away and furtively looking at the cars parked around me, checking to see if anyone was still inside. Talk about nervous and paranoid; I was in drab!

I slipped out of my flats and put on some sneakers, hoping that my nude coloured hose would pass for being in bare feet. Stepping out of the car, I made sure the legs of my sweat pants had not ridden up. My frazzled mind, hopped up on adrenaline being pumped by my runaway heart, feared the worst. I would expose flesh toned hosiery and be called out in public, with men and women looking on in shocked horror and mothers covering their children's eyes. But as I stood up and looked around, there was just a middle aged man in a parka walking ahead of me into the same sandwich shop.

I entered the sandwich shop, stepping in with trepidation. It was busier than I anticipated; it was not yet lunch time and the shop was located in the 'burbs. The man ahead of me was making his order. But there was a table of middle aged ladies conversing, two younger women waiting for their order and another young woman staring at the menu with a lost expression, trying to make a decision from their varied menu.

I stepped up, made my order as nonchalantly as I could, paid, and went over to the end of the counter to await my food. As I waited, my nerves began to settle down, and I relaxed bit by bit. I tried to look as casual as possible, taking out my phone as if I was checking my messages or some such. As I stared blankly at the screen, I took stock of my situation. I noted the delicate sensation of my tights covered legs being slightly tickled by the fabric of my sweat pants as I shifted from foot to foot. I revelled in the wonderful clinginess of my t-shirt dress around my torso and the comforting constriction of my bra. All these sensations while I was in the presence of other people! A thrill of excitement ran through me as my mind processed this.

But otherwise, I presented as just another guy waiting for his lunch. Yup, just as drab as I normally would be. The only difference I saw was that my forms were making my chest protrude a bit more than I was accustomed to, and with a noticeable (at least to me) valley in the middle of my chest, even with my leather jacket zipped up to the neck. Now a thrill of excitement and fear shot through me. Would I be found out? Could the women detect I had a bra on? With forms no less?! How sensitive might someone's bra-dar be? Could it penetrate leather?

But then my order was called. The young server passed me my sandwich and gave me a bright smile. The young woman with the lost expression finally made her order. The ladies at the the table kept on talking. And the two women had already left with their orders. And I walked out. As I stepped outside, part of me was hoping that the cheerful server's extra bright smile was an acknowledgement that she knew what I was all about and that she was cool with it. A girl can dream can't she?

Getting into my car, I knew I wasn't done yet. While I had planned to do this even before I left the house, the pink fog descended as a dense curtain, and I knew I needed to drive home without the guy stuff on.

Parking on a quiet side street, I slipped of my sweat pants and sneakers, replacing just the sneakers with my girl flats. Looking down I was rewarded with the sight of my legs encased in shiny nude tights poking out of a t-shirt dress whose hem had ridden VERY high due to all the in-car contortions.

Oh my god, I thought. I couldn't believe I was doing this. In broad daylight. However, I didn't have the nerve to take off the bomber jacket. Buckling up again, I headed home.

I can barely describe the nervousness and the thrill of the five minute drive home. The fear of being pulled over by the police, the fear of getting into an accident, or just anything that might require me to get out of my car, leaving no doubt to anyone that what I was wearing wasn't considered boy clothes, all rolled through my mind. Yet I couldn't help but love what I was doing, what I was wearing, and wishing that this could be my normal routine.

I kept my eyes on the road as best as I could, but I couldn't help stealing glances down as my dress continued to hike upwards as I worked the pedals, revealing more and more hose covered leg. Those are my legs! my mind screamed in joy and I half heartedly pulled the hem down a bit.

I kept my speed to the limit, but I was so afraid of SUVs and trucks passing me by, allowing the drivers to glance over. My bra strap slipped off and I reached across my chest and into my jacket to pull it back up. I wondered if the woman in the Honda Pilot behind me noticed this gesture; I don't think guys normally reach across to tug at something on their opposite shoulder. I was so nervous as I pulled up to a red light. An SUV and a truck were beside me! I stopped strategically so that I was not door to door with lead car, but still far enough ahead of the second car that, hopefully, the angles prevented him from seeing my legs.

But I finally did make it home "uneventfully". Closing the garage door, I revelled in silent dimness. I thought to myself, I can't believe I did what I did. But I hope I can do it again.

Then I went inside and ate that sandwich.