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Thread: First Time Wig

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    First Time Wig

    I don't know whether this post is in the right place so my question is whether anyone of you felt uncomfortable wearing your wig for the first time? What helped you to adjust?


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    Uncomfortable in what sense? Physical ie hot and sweaty or in the sense of how it makes you feel?
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    It felt weird having long hair and brushing it out of the way at first. Now I've gotten used to it and I just do it as second nature.

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    When I would go for long distance drives I would dress from the waist down, but slowly you know what happens, we take it further and further. Then at one point it was everything but the wig for the longest time.
    Then one night I decided to complete myself and put on a wig and makeup, I will never forget how awkward it felt and so hard to get comfortable. I remember asking myself why it didn't feel as awkward a man dressed as a women, instead of feeling more complete looking more like a complete women. Well I now have four of them and throw on the wig no problem and I wouldn't even consider dressing without a wig.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Are you wearing it correctly? LOL
    How about a pic of you with the wig on so we can see if you are wearing it correctly.Trust me plenty of CDers don't wear them correctly when first get one.
    Just feels different than what you are used to and you will adjust to it in no time.

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    It just feels different when you have next to no hair or keep it short to a wig! I think it is nice to have long hair even if it keeps getting in my face and mouth and is itchy on my ears! LOL You just have to get used to it! Hugs and wishes for success with your wig Lana Mae
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    I have 5 wigs and they all feel different.
    #1 - I can wear only after I've had my hair cut because it's a little too small otherwise.
    #2 - makes my head too hot so I can't wear it for a long time.
    #3 - Feels slightly strange on my head. No matter how I adjust it, I can't get it to feel comfortable.
    #4 - Feels good, and has combs inside that grip my natural hair, but I find it difficult to style.
    #5 - is my favourite. I can wear it all day and barely notice it apart from the length. It's lightweight and I can make it look natural.

    So in a nutshell, wigs are all very different. If you buy them by mail (as I do), then it's pot luck how well they fit and feel.

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    Never had a problem with wigs. I keep my head totally shaved which makes the wig fit better and isn't so hot in warm weather. I prefer wigs with straight hair because they're much easier to style and I wear a unisex style short wig when I'm not "full femme".

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    Hi Secret,

    I feel your pain. Wigs are hot and itchy. Where I live it gets 110 plus during the summer, so I finally bucked society and went for natural long hair in female mode. It's so natural and liberating I have to look at my boobs and attire to remind myself I'm Christina.

    No two wigs are alike. My favorite wig has a fake looking part, but wears fantastic. My best wig looks real, but is too small. Both are hot unless my hair is very short. Hence, I have grown mine longer than my wife's and will not look back except the few times a year she insists on my getting a cut. But, it's still in female style!

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    Wigs come in different qualities, some are extremely hot to wear, the better ones have lighter banding so you hardly know you're wearing one. To me it doesn't feel uncomfortable, although the band above the ears can make wearing glasses slightly difficult .

    All I know is the first time I wore one especially with full make up the guy disappeared , it really was a revelation !

    I was going to ask this question in the TS section , about living a day to day life of wearing a wig and the practicalities of it also wearing makeup on a daily basis .
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    As has been said it depends on what you exactly think by "feel uncomfortable". Like how its feels on body? Having hairs to in get your way with everything you do or maybe how they feel on your shoulders and back, especialy if you wear some strapless top or just bra. Or do you mean something along lines with how it fits? Put some details and we maybe can help you with it
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    A wig was the very last item of clothing as I was progressing so it completed my dressing journey and transformation (I used to heavy gel my short hair in the most feminine way I could - doesn't compare).

    However, I started with cheap ones (like Halloween ones). I also initially went for clich├ęd colours (peroxide blonde, red or jet black!). The trouble was I looked like a bad drag queen, unnatural and unfemanine - always clashed with the make-up and clothes too.

    I'd recommend going for a more expensive, realistic wig, with natural colours (and subtle highlights) that fits your face and colouring. They breath a bit better.

    Also treat yourself to a few. I have brunette short one, dark blonde mid-length one (both bobs) as well as a recent light brown wavy longer one - you can always tie it in a pony tail too.

    I love the feeling of flicking or tucking it behind your ear.

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    The first time I put on a wig, one my wife had for bad hair days, I was stunned by what I saw in the mirror-a decidedly female person! I didn't do it again for a couple of decades!

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    You don't clarify if "uncomfortable" is mental or physical. But being a first time, I think you mean mental - seeing yourself so very different - how do you adjust to seeing a woman looking back at you?
    I love it! It was always my dream to be pretty and with wig and makeup, I make the dream come true and break into a big smile. Some wigs make me less feminine, so I prefer ones with longer hair. I love my blonde one and do well as a redhead. But I have brunette and black, some with very curly hair. I have 2 new ones on the way - wigs give us more flexibility than GGs who only use their own hair on how to look.
    This is a great place to ask - welcome to the Forum!
    Hugs, Ellen

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