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Thread: Womens boots

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    Womens boots

    I love to wear women's boots when my legs are smooth and shiny. A black leather skirt and dark black panty hose completes the ansamble

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    Sounds lovely, you cannot beat a great pair of legs with a nice leather skirt and boots.

    I lover to wear my leather skirt short and tight, such a beautiful outfit
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    I love boots too so we are on the same page.
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    Yeah, black pantyhose and boots! Love them! Hugs Lana Mae
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    I cannot wear my high heel boots enough!

    My favorite is my short denim skirt, black hose, black top, and my black boots (six inch chunky heel).

    Granted, women's flat boots can be hot, but just not my thing personally.

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    I've just bought two leather skirts , I have to admit they are lovely to wear, I will be wearing a dark tan one next time I go out socially, annoyingly I haven't found any brown boots to go with it but I have some nice heels that will do .
    I couldn't believe my luck when I saw a pair of black Italian leather boots in my size in a charity shop they have a 3" heel and are so comfortable to wear , they go great with my new black leather skirt . So now I have three pairs of boots, a pair in black with a 4" heel, and a slouch top pair in black suede with a 3" heel .

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    I have one pair of Aerosoles black suede boots, with a 3" heel. Very comfortable, but I haven't gotten to wear them out yet. It was raining last time I thought about wearing them, and didn't want to ruin them. It's strange that suede and water don't get along. It's not like cows just knock on the farmers door and say, "Hey, let me in! I'm made out of suede!"
    Since I'm from Texas, I have quite a few pairs of western boots which work either way. My faves are my black lace up Justin ropers w/kiltie, and some Nocona blue stingray w/1 1/2" riding heel (which do just fine in the rain.)

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    Boots are cool, but because of where I live and my style choices, would these be classed as boots or are we talking about the knee high boots when the word boots comes up. Serious question, I'll wear a skirt with bare feet and be quite happy?
    The black are Italian men's and the brown are Australian women's, both with the heels cut down(for height).

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    I LOVE boots. I have five pairs. To find the perfect pair of brown knee highs, when Lauri K and I were shopping, I drug her to ten shoe stores. Lol.


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    I would love to share leather pics with others.Please pm me

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