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Thread: Veterans transitioning

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    Veterans transitioning

    I am curious if any other vets are on this site and if so do they use the VA for trans issues or transitioning. If so, what has it been like? Called the LGBT office yesterday, but only heard a busy signal, may just be a really busy office? I will be there soon and may stop by, at least to see what things look like. I've seen a therapist that and psychiatrist who serve the LGBT community, but time, distance and cost have curtailed those visits.

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    Yes I am a Vet. No I do not use the VA at all even though I have one right here in my town. It all is because of how they figure the coats. I presently have no disability on record. I am now discovering a disability as a result of my military years but is only now starting to be aggravated. I'm going deft at two frequencies common to the equipment I worked with.
    No I do not discuss anything with them since I don't go there either en femme or in drab.
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    Hi patti
    There is a girl in Ohio named Christi Hart who is a vet and has transitioned that goes to the VA she has a web site Christi ' s condo check with her

    Good luck Susie

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    Also a vet; not sure how one would go about looking for V A assistance.

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    I also am a veteran and have wondered about this but never pursued it. I was Viet Nam era, but not a combat veteran so I always presumed they had nothing for me. I don't imagine they're widen their outreach in the current political climate.
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    Viet Nam vets have full coverage. Even if u didn't serve over seas, Pat. I never left the States and they've been taking care of me for over 40 years. Everything except eye and tooth care!
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    The last I read "The Department of Veterans Affairs is calling off plans to allow sex reassignment surgeries for transgender veterans, citing budget concerns. " although it does provide hormone therapy.

    This is a fairly comprehensive site"

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    I know several vets who are transitioning and some have used VA care for that, including counseling, hormones, but not sure about surgeries. Definitely contact them and ask. A couple of my friends have had very good experiences there.

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    My understanding is that it's available. I also understand from most of the anecdotal stuff I've read that they make you jump through every hoop and do every dance in an effort to dissuade you. I did hear of one woman who stated she'd found a particularly sympathetic representative, but most of what I've run across in regards to TS transition has been less than encouraging. Looks like anything beyond finally getting hormones covered, is nearly impossible to procure. Again, this is my experience with those I've experienced that have tried to get help. Of course, if it's your only option, it's obviously worth a try. Otherwise, it looks as though it may be a long term effort in futility. I wish fruition to anyone who tries and I am just sharing some apocryphal information I've gleaned along the path and as means of a cautionary tale.

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    I am a Vet and I do use the VA for my primary Transition care.

    I can clear up a few things.

    First and foremost. Get in and discuss it with your Primary Care Physician. Your Primary will coordinate everything. However, you will still have to take charge to a point. If you run into ANY difficulties regarding your care in ANY way. You can go to the Patient Advocacy Office on the premises, and they WILL fix any grievances you have with ANY staff member, your care, and any issues with getting started with some appointments. I know this because I spent quite a bit of time in that office in the beginning almost two years ago.

    Second, it is true that they will NOT cover any of the surgeries. However, they give very excellent care with everything else.

    I have been seeing my VA Therapist for well over a year now, and I have been seeing my Endocrinologist since the end of last August.

    Their policies on Trans care are rather specific and they are required to give you the same care they give every other Vet/patient. Just remember if ANY staff member gives you any issue for any reason, then you can turn to your Patient Advocate to address the problem.

    Currently I only spend $8 for each prescription, no matter what the prescription is; and that is all I have had to pay out of pocket for now.

    I hope my information has helped. If you have any other questions care through the VA, just ask me. If I don't know the answer, I can ask someone at my clinic and get back to you.
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    Hi all who are Vets. I am a vet and have been to the VA for Transgender issues. There was a new offices opened here in Tucson. It is held at the VA women's health clinic. I went to find out what was up and how do I get involved with it. I ended up in a 5-7 hour mental assessment. Which due me I was allowed in. Only to find that I could go to weekly discussion group meetings. So I went to a few and decided that it wasn't worth it. I have stopped going and may not go back. It seems like there isn't really nothing the VA is willing to do for those in transition. If you can find use then use it. I have little to no use.
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    Thanks for the replies. When I was at the VA hospital last week, one of their electronic billboards said that LGBTQ veterans could receive care. I did reach the office and was told to expect a call from one of their outreach clinics to get started. She said there is now a lot of movement in this area and seemed very professional. I'll at least give it a try and see what kind of experience I have. Once again thanks for all your replies.

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    I have 21 years of service and a service connected disability rated at 100%. I try to use the VA as little as possible since I have private insurance. While the VA may be now posting signage and putting out information, we all know that showing up in a dress to my next physical probably would not be a real comfortable situation, for me.

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    I am a vet, I am going through transition, I am going through the transition with the help of the VA Hospital in Salt Lake city. The program there is great, I am getting my hormones and blocker, we have a group that meets twice a month and talk about how our transition are going, we have one on one with our mental health counselor
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    I am a Vietnam era vet and a transgender woman. Our VA hospital assigns trans women to their women's clinic. I go to all of my appointments as Leanne and receive wonderful treatment. Our local VA hospital is very sympathetic to trans women like myself. I don't know how it is for trans men though..............Leanne

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