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Thread: Having oddly erotic dreams

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    Having oddly erotic dreams

    Over the past couple of weeks I've been having some erotic dreams about a lifeguard at the pool the I go to. The thing is the guard is male. He's younger than I am by at least 20 years, good looking(I would say that anyways), but hairier than I like. He seems like a nice enough kid but I no idea why I've been dreaming about him sexually.

    Maybe it's because I haven't had any meaningful physical contact with another person in almost 8 years.

    Maybe I'm wanting to explore.

    *shrug* I don't know.

    Normally I wouldn't give it a second thought. But honestly, if the chance presented itself I don't know what my choice would be.

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    Dreams are just that...dreams. Too many factors to consider when wondering why they are the way they are. I don't put much weight behind dreams.
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    I respectfully disagree with Gillian. Dreams are signposts, or they are reflections of what's going on in our psyche.

    A lifeguard seems rather a clear metaphor doesn't it? After 8 years of very little physical contact with another person I'm not surprised your psyche feels in need of being saved.

    But that in no way means the lifeguard himself need be the salvation- any old handsome hunk will do.

    Go on - dive in!
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    If you're having these dreams, you probably want it. You need to look around. Are you interested in only young, unattainable men? Any men your own age you could be interested in? What role do you feel drawn to? When you start to have answers to questions like these, you can begin to understand whether you just CD, gay, or trans. I knew when I realized that men around me were attractive and I wanted to satisfy them.

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    Often my dreams mimic my thoughts. When I think about gay sex, I dream about gay sex

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    I have also had tons of crazy dreams and awful nightmares, for a long time, now. The brain is very wild and crazy, and goes all over hte place at night! I am almost always in very dramatic, scary situations, trying to escape from things. Almost always trapped somewhere!
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    I'm no dream expert but dreams do have meanings.
    I had dreams about a close friend and I think he is incredibly attractive but he is in a relationship and not gay.
    When we are in close proximity I get all warm and feel like I am going to blurt out something stupid.
    So its just a dream and I leave it at that.
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    Dive in, explore ,you will never know if you don't try have fun be safe.

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    From what I have read and what my therapist daughter has told me, dreams come in two varieties. Dreams that are mostly just chaotic images with little context are just your brain sorting through information and determining what to keep and what to delete. Taking out the trash. But dreams that seem to tell some kind of story even though it may have weird elements, may have a lot more to do with the actual decision making processes where there are conflicts or issues to be resolved. So, if your erotic dreams seem to be somewhat a story line there might well be a meaning to it all.

    Last night I had all femme dreams. One right after another. The circumstances were weird and the images were somewhat strange, but through it all there was a clear theme. Not sure exactly what the message was but as I have been rather unstable with regard to gender lately, bouncing back and forth from moderate masculine to moderate feminine, and there is a bit of uncertainty in my conscious mind, my thought is that the dreams were meaningful in some way. But the message is not real clear.

    So, Laurana, I would say you should not shrug it off, but be cautious about the interpretation and not be too literal. But it sounds like a dream or a series of dreams that have some kind of purpose in resolving some kind of issue your brain is trying to work out in the larger context of your life.

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