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Thread: Excited For a Completely Free Weekend

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    Excited For a Completely Free Weekend

    It doesn't happen often but starting tomorrow night I will have the weekend to be as fem as i want (within reason).

    I am firmly ITC so I am so looking forward to this. After a recent purge, I had to rebuy some things which just came in yesterday. New wig, waist cincher, and something I have been wanting to try dermablend. Also, the cutest dark blue skater skirt that looks amazing. Oh, and finally another set of heels.

    Planned for this week is maybe a little drab shopping. For some reason, I have lost my ability to own it and have not been doing this.

    Lot's of dressing some casual, some dressy, some flirty with at least some car rides out and maybe a little walking around in the less crowded parking lots.

    And the last thing, makeup makeup makeup!!!! My skills are so horrible. I really hope to make some strides here.

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    Hi Gabby,

    I had something like that last weekend. It sounds like fun - I hope you enjoy every minute!


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    Gabby I do hope your girl time and make the most of it most of all ENJOY


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    Sounds fun and exciting. Enjoy yourself, take a few small risks and take lots of pictures!!

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    Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. I wish I had more time to practice the makeup skills...l hope you have a great time.

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    Almost the Great White North...
    Have fun!

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    Gabby, have great weekend.
    Part Time Girl

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    Definitely have to take advantage of that!
    Melissa: "... and why are you dressed as a woman?"
    Coach McGuirk: "Because it's freeing."

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    Gabby, enjoy! I am in need of those make up skills also! Practice, practice, practice! LOL Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
    "Foxy lady! You look so good!!" Jimi Hendrix

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    It looks like I am in the same boat this weekend. My wife and kids are visiting her cousins this weekend and I get some time to be Katherin! I am really looking forward to it. It has been too long since my last full girl time.

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    Funny Start to My Fem Weekend

    As I posted before, I have a rare free weekend and I planned to enjoy it.

    It started this evening, I finished up some work at the house and decided I had to buy something so I can get over my fear of shopping for fem again.

    I headed to the local strip mall and was going to head into kmart and just get some brushes but I forgot the only cash I had was a 100. Not wanting to cause a scene during check out I decided to pop into the grocery store to change it at the customer service desk.

    So, I am already dreading the thought of judgemental cashiers down the line when I approach the desk. I make eye contact with the clerk and realize he is wearing foundation and some seriously done foundation. I kind of thought maybe he was just a metro guy. Then I handed him my bill and as he took it I realized he had the fiercest manicure I have seen on man or woman in a while. Inch long orangish with like a airbrushed technique and all kinds of pointy.

    Good for him/her. I was pleasant during our transaction and tried not to act surprised. Old story, I kind of wanted to say something but I always feel like drawing attention to that kind of thing is somehow disrespectful.

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    You could have asked where he got his nails done.

    Ice breaker!
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    Anyone who wears nails and makeup like you described are perhaps trying to break gender stereotypes. Which I think is great and necessary. Making a positive comment or even a compliment would likely be seen as affirmation, and would build their confidence. Women give and receive compliments to each other all the time about these things (nails, makeup, etc) so I suspect this person would receive a compliment just as well whether he identifies as male or female.

    I try to compliment people as often as I can. When I see something I like, I make a comment. If I don't, I feel like it's a gift I have made but didn't give to that person. Next time be brave. Yay!
    I love dressing as a woman.

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    I am excited simply because all you beautiful ladies get to be yourselves! Have a wonderful weekend!

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Complimenting people on their nails is something I do all the time.
    I love it when it happens to me.

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