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Thread: Transition will hurt others. I'm so scared

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaitlyn Michele View Post
    you are talking about alot of feelings that i went through..

    i recall the day before i left(she divorced me...i didnt want it), my wife at the time said.."im going to miss you".... to be honest...those words are still a knife in my heart... highlighting her feelings... she didnt do anything except trust me

    years later we are best friends...we get along wonderfully and do things together...she still has our dog...i got a new one for me.... we live 5 miles away from each other..
    our kids are good...etc....
    Kaitlyn, I was reading this post again and it reminded me of several weeks ago when my wife let her guard down and thanked me for 25 wonderful years. We hugged.

    For the most part they were wonderful. Could it be possible that one day we could be friends? Of course, it would be against her religion to do that. Every time I think about this I cry. I could use a hug right now. I'm so lonely tonight.

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    Jeri Ann, Here is a hug for you. I hope everything works well for you. Hope the house sells for a great price.
    Part Time Girl

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    heres a hug from me too!!!!!!!!!

    religion.... that's a tough one..
    if she cant see through the religion to you, then i guess in the end its meant to be this way..sad for her too
    I am real

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    jeri, hugs from me also.

    Hugs, Bria

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