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Thread: Question on forced feminization

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    Forced fem seems to be a fairly comon
    fantasy. and as long as you both enjoy it
    I see no harm in it . It can perhaps relieving
    the Crossdresser of some guilt feelings .
    Most at times use a little shove along our path .


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    Quote Originally Posted by Helen_Highwater View Post
    So Gerri Ray, can I ask, what's your goal. You write " fully comfortable going out dressed". Do you go out dressed feeling self conscious or are you a stay at home gurl? Plus why does your SO want you to be comfortable going out? So you can go out together, shopping, eating out. Are these thing you want to do and if so, what's been the biggest roadblocks to your journey?

    Also I can see that your SO knows you want these things and it's simple she's just being as supportive as she can be. That's what you call a keeper. Lavish attention on her at every opportunity.
    I'm an outdoors kind of person. There are times though I like to stay in. My end goal is to get the confidence I need to wear whatever I want without feeling self conscious. I still try to hide my painted nails more often than not and worry what others think.
    My wife is doing this so I can achieve this goal. She is essentially pulling me out of my comfort zone and having me face my fears. She wants me to be happy.

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    My wife has never forced me and I do not want to be forced.

    What she has done is gently nudge me. We have gone out on Halloween and she told me that I was going to get out on the dance floor She knew I wanted to so she just helps me achieve what I want.

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    Yes, Lea, but Nudged Feminization just doesn't have the same ring to it.

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    oldest demographic in the states ,watching the sea level rise as bone heads point fingers and yell.
    what do you call it when you just really want to have the personal time with her dressing up in all her fancy undies ?

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