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Thread: Trouble finding heeled sandals that are comfortable.

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    My fave wedges... they work with bare legs and hose... they are more comfortable than any of my 'drab' shoes!

    Kaz xx

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    I bought a sexy pair of gladiator sandals with a 5in heel, I've worn them out 3 times and 2 of those times they KILLED my feet but damn they looked great.20170806_214923.jpg

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    I think you're stuck. I have a few pairs that are similar in design, and they make my feet sore too. The engineer in me wants to say "gravity" and "contact area". The heel creates a slope and your entire weight wants to slide downhill. The only thing that stops it is that single strap at the bottom which is quite narrow. Things would be easier on you if the heel was lower or that bottom strap wider or the whole toe was closed.

    Those shoes were designed to look nice, not for comfort. Sorry.

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    Yea, I'm thinking you're probably right.

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    There are two kinds of shoes. Shoes for photo ops, and shoes you can actually wear comfortably. I have around 18 pairs of sandals now. Some are flat and quite comfortable. Others are around 2 inches and still very comfortable. I can walk miles in them. Then I have a couple pair with around 4 and five inch heels that are only for pics, and I cannot walk too far in them. You rarely see women wearing four and five inch heels. Buy what is comfortable and what you can actually walk in, and forget the higher heels.

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