Hey all been awhile sence I posted but I found some usefull info for us guys. If you are a newby or even some one who been around the block a few times I hope what I have found will help you. So here goes: I am a bigger guy and it is hard to find things that are comfy to use. If you are looking to buy www.ftmessentials.com things from Packy's to STP's chest binders and other things try for all kinds of chest binders you can buy from underworks.com I am not selling any thing And I am not a seller for these company's. I have bought things from them and not had any problems with them.
Now for support for FTM's there is www.ftmguide.org they are really good place to start. Good info for any one new. Another great group is www.forge-forward.org this group offers alot of good things for every one includeing groups for surviors of sexaul abuse as well as for the loved one of the surviors. Now for the parents of young gender questioning youth there is www.imatyfa.org.
I hope this helps.

Peace out my Brothers and Sisters.