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Thread: Meet up with some cross dressers for the first time.

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    Meet up with some cross dressers for the first time.

    Even though I have been dressing for a long time I have only ever done it on my own, and had contact with likeminded people on line. I have never been with cross dressers to socialise. I have met someone who lives not too far away and they have somewhere where they can go and dress and be safe and relaxed. It is something that I would love to be able to do and looks like over the next few months I will be able to. It will be a really wonderful experience to be Lucy Lou with other cross dressers and we can chat about clothes, lingerie makeup etc and socialize.

    I know lots of girls on here have been out and about but for me this will be a first. Any comments would be appriciated. Lucy Lou xx

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    Just do it and have fun. I would suggest get you a motel room to dress if you can't dress at home. Get a professional makeover, this will disguise you and indeed make you feel a little more conformable since I can't even recognize myself when I get a makeover. Wear conformable shoes flats,2 inch pumps or whatever shoe you can walk well on. Act and think femme . Did I forget to say have fun? Xoxo

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    I might suggest meeting for coffee as boys first to make sure you're comfortable with each other. Good luck, have fun! Hugs, Michelle

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    Well, I have never spend time with other person when i am dressed as Flavia. But my only experience, written in another post, happened the week before last week...and it was fun...i was by myself, but went for shopping. I have not said any word to anyone...but, be walking around a department store and trying shoes was awesome!

    To be with someone, I will need more courage, because of speaking. Well, I have spend too many years hiding it from anybody else, so it is hard to uncover myself to the world. So, speak, will definitely be hard...but it will probably be fun! Lucy, the word here, and i red in some other post, is, feel comfortable! one step at time, and if you feel comfortable.

    Have fun! kisses
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    I very much agree with Michelle. I've only had one experience with other CDs and it was unfortunately a very poor experience. It could have been avoided if we'd met for coffee or some such first.

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    Don't talk yourself out of it just do it .
    You will be very glad you did.

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    In the town I live in,there aren't any groups like that. I would give it a try.

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    It sounds like you know enough about this person to go ahead. But did you meet on a website or somewhere else? And what kind of a safe place is it? Public or?
    "You're the only one to see the changes you take yourself through", Stevie Wonder

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    If the point is to meet this person then I agree with Michelle, that the "boys meeting" for coffee is a great option. You could meet and if things go well, arrange to meet again while dressed.

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    I too say just go do it. I have in the past and all those times worked out really good...

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    I'm a very cautious type person and just reading your post gave me shivers. I would also agree that meeting and having a coffee would be the smart thing to do. If everything feels right then go for it use your inner intuition to judge at the first meeting.

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