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Thread: What did you not know that gg went threw until you started dressing

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    Wearing pointy stilettos and getting one wedged into the crack between deck boards. Lucky it was on the private deck in front of my hotel room. And the shoe was buckled on, couldn't simply step out of it, and of course I was in a short skirt trying to bend over and unbuckle the ankle straps. Afterwards I could diffidently understand wider heels.
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    There are so many things, I try to make a point of experiencing everything I can.

    Gel nail extensions - The heat you feel as the gel nail hardens. How you have to work at using the pad of your finger to get your smartphone to work. How it feels to type on a keyboard with long nails. How dressing is more difficult with long nails, buttons, zippers, jewelry clasps, etc.

    Waxing - It hurts but it’s so worth it, even a Brazilian wax. How out of control your eyebrows grow.

    Heels - How wearing heels all day can be a chore. I now understand why women walk home from work in tennis shoes.

    Hair color - I could totally become addicted to coloring out the grey.

    Clothing - I will see and buy something I think is cute even though I have nowhere or nothing to wear with it which means I need to buy something else to go with it. How much clothing I would acquire over years of dressing.

    Photoshoots - How a good photograph can make you look and feel amazing, seeing your true female self. How expensive a good photographer and photoshoot can be.

    Lingerie - How many different types of lingerie there really are and you need to work with different style dresses.

    So many things.

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    Why it is important to park near the entrance when you are wearing heels.
    Just and older girl trying to experience all that life can bring.
    "Life is not a dress rehearsal"

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    does a white BLM activist knows what a black person goes through?
    i can only simulate whilst crossdressing. entirety, i learned about women happened when i was living them.

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    So many awesome replys here is a few more
    Gettin in and out of the car while wearing a skirt.
    Slipping out of your shoes when wearing hose.
    Shoe play is because your feet hurt and need to give them a rest/also leather don't breath so you get hot foot

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    Why a woman is so quick to take off their shoes, bra and shapeware as soon as they get home

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    I only walked on a inside floor in heels, the first time I stepped out of my car and I took one step and feel on my face. Wow have to walk different on pavement. Lesson learned

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    How easy it is to run hose.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    - Even though they don't have stilettos, ankle boots are still heels and are not as easy to walk in as they look ....

    - Necklaces and long hair are not friends ....

    - A special occasion always seems to call for some shopping ....

    - The importance of good makeup brushes and regular skin care ....
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    Wedges are not easy to walk in as they look either.about twisted an ankle my first time

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    Quote Originally Posted by Maria 60 View Post
    I only walked on a inside floor in heels, the first time I stepped out of my car and I took one step and feel on my face. Wow have to walk different on pavement. Lesson learned
    LOL dont feel bad my first time in hose my parent came home i took off my moms heels and ran to my room.I went to stop from a run and guess what happened?my legs stopped my feet did not and bam landed on my butt

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    I grew up dressing. The big changes came when I started out going out and about. Acceptance was easy because I passed. Was told I was better looking as a girl. Playing girlfriend was enlightening back when front seats were bench seats. Sitting in the middle with your legs next to him.

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    Brandie. I began dressing when I was 6 year's old. I didn't have a clue. Flying blind I did hit a few walls.
    I've just learned in the last few years what it is like to have real breasts. How good it feels to wear a properly fitted bra. How much back pain is eased wearing a good fitting bra.
    To be honest with SA's when shopping for women's clothing for myself whether in drab outer clothes or en femme.
    When you get a heel stuck between boards on a deck. Get a pry bar. It is not coming out w/o a lot of leverage.

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    Love this thread...
    Just how sore feet can get wearing heels for a few hours.
    How hard it is getting in and out of a car in a shortish skirt
    Where to put the seatbelt when driving
    What its like to be stared at like a piece of meat
    Why it takes so long to get ready
    I could go on
    A.K.A Rebecca & Bec

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    Wearing Jean
    -When wearing gg jeans the back pockets are so small,
    -They are tighter and have stretch,
    -The back rise is usually much longer than front,
    -They have high Rise jeans.

    -When running your breast can come out and be embarassing,
    -They are expensive,
    -Sizing is not standard

    -If you have big breasts sometimes guys do not even look at your face,
    -You always need to keep your legs close together...

    This is just a start

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    Wearing silky fabric and having leather or vinyl car seats.Or sitting on a leather couch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becky Blue View Post
    What its like to be stared at like a piece of meat
    When I used to get all dolled-up, that was one thing I could never totally, completely deal with & get used to.

    It was annoying, it was distracting, it was creepy, scary, unsettling, whatever. "Umm... GG's actually have to go through this a lot? Ugh!"

    And I'm not going to bash guys for that. It's only natural... And it's actually just part of the way "things get done" with this whole little procreation thingy.

    (That said, I do think *some* guys should be a bit more mindful & aware of what to do & what not to do, when it comes to that.)

    However, on the flip side...

    It was freakin' awesome. Let's not kid ourselves, here. Were they staring at the clown-looking "it-thing"? If so, they certainly weren't pointing & laughing, or had confused & horrified looks on their faces. Were they lusting after the hot "GG"? Possibly. Were they checking out the "hot tranny"? Possibly. Or maybe, they were just trying to figure out, "Girl -- or guy? Who knows, who cares! I just wanna look some more & try to get me a piece of that! I think?" LOL

    It really was pretty powerful. Come on, GG's... You know it's true.

    And I wasn't really one to do this, but I remember specifically where I had intentionally "hammed it up" at a hetero club a couple times, just for giggles.

    Definitely got some eyes on me with that.

    Actually had a cute & sweet guy ask me to dance, moments later, one time. I was floored! As were my friends there. I graciously had to turn him down after asking me, almost insisting, twice. (I felt bad afterwards, as he seemed really nice & genuine, but to be fair, it was the 1st time that had ever happened.)

    So, yeah... There's definitely some power in femininity. And self-confidence in a *woman* can certainly be attractive, as well.

    But these days, I, perhaps unintentionally, turn it around on the GG's... Some do like a nice pair of legs & butt on a guy who's wearing leggings, ya know.

    (Oh, wait... I'm still being viewed as a piece of meat, aren't I. Oh, well? )

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    How uncomfortable pantyhose can be when they sag around the crotch.

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    The complexities of putting makeup on. Especially the time required. I have developed an appreciation for GG's makeup, and love looking at their beautiful art work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat (aka Jennie) View Post
    I learned that male privilege really is a thing -- and female-appearing people don't have any.
    This ! As well as being the focus of judgement..for most anything !

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    You ladies have pretty well said it all .Mine is being wanting to own every cute dress or skirt or top i see on TV or the net news etc l
    I have a hubcap diamond star halo

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    Gee, lots of things. Most of the above mentioned things, but of course, as I added in girls/ladies reading material, all sorts of new information was at my fingertips. Most obvious, of course, was that girl clothes don't follow a size pattern which follows ANYTHING. Faced with size 10, half sizes, misses sizes, women's sizes, then of course, as their clothes need to conform EXACTLY to the specific curves, one size 10 dress that fits perfectly doesn't mean that any other size 10 dress will EVER fit right. Long torso, short waisted, short torso, long legs, tightly nipped waist with prominant hips vs slender gradual curves, all being listed as the same size. No wonder those poor girls spend so much time trying stuff on.

    Sensitivity to metals; some girls get a rash from stainless, some from gold. I always thought gold was an inert metal. But some women are sensitive to it, and can't wear it. Pierced earrings? They get swollen and/or infected earlobes, no matter how well they clean them. Lose one of a favorite pair? Oh, the sadness that ensues!
    Pretty underwear can be hugely uncomfortable. Pretty lace can be scratchy or itchy, and no amount of washing or adding softener will change that; that beautiful garment will be torture to wear, and since you've tried all the potential solutions to fix it, now you can't return it. So, lots of money wasted. And the desire to find a miracle cure will keep that friggin garment in your wardorbe even if you never get to use it, all because you can't bear to get rid of it.

    Same with shoes. Pretty shoes will remain in the wardrobe even if she never wears them; why? Because they're pretty, expensive, and hope eternal that someday they'll 'stretch out' and fit. But every time you put them on, your feet scream at you. So back in the closet they go until next time.
    Then there's the phenomenon of wanting expensive gifts, but only because she feels better knowing that you're spending lots ofmoney on her, makes her feel coveted and desired; she feels secure. Even though you spent a whole lot of money on what is essentially fancy glass that has a resale value of only half of what YOU paid for it (if that).
    Long, pretty hair is regularly a nightmare. This tells the story better than I ever could: All I know is the constant problem of tangles in long hair, and simple brushing just causes split ends. What to do? AAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH! Now, I understand!
    The 'constantly having to adjust bra straps', can often simply be caused by wearing the wrong bra. Ex wifey taught me that. And I don't understand why anyone would go nuts hooking a bra around the back; every woman I have known, did the clip and spin. Maybe it's just a form of self punishment for wanting to wear women's clothes? Remember, women are way more flexible than we are, most when young can zip up the back of a dress and pass the zip from one hand to the other while doing it up. I don't think any guy here can do that. So, yes, girls can hook their bras at the back way easier than we could ever hope to, yet most of them don't want to do it the hard way either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Becky Blue View Post
    What its like to be stared at like a piece of meat
    I have a different take on this one. Listening to Eliza Shlesinger, I discovered that a woman can both hate being looked at like a piece of meat, or love it if the guy is attractive to her. She explains it here:

    And there's no way for a guy to know before doing it, how she will feel. yet if you DON'T do it, and she initially thought you were attractive, she will be very disappointed in you if you DON'T look at her with desire. For us guys, it's a no win situation.
    Some causes of crossdressing you've probably never even considered: My TG biography at:
    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    The feeling of vulnerability just by looking female versus the feeling of invincibility when appearing male. Especially when wearing skirt or dress and heels.

    The challenge of shopping when you can freely pick from either department.
    Many other already mentioned.

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    The pain to walk in heels just to get the "wiggle" just right
    How uncomfortable shapewear can be on a hot day
    The time it takes to pick out an outfit and get your makeup looking good
    Wearing pantyhose on a hot day to cover up those lily white legs
    Freaking out from the stares of guys entering a bar or restaurant, but secretly you're thrilled by it
    Trying to get your lashes on straight because mascara does nothing for your short lashes
    Fighting to get both eyebrows to match
    How to sit for hours in a ladylike manner at a show, theatre, or restaurant
    Preventing your skirt from always slipping down because your butt is too small
    Keeping your wig looking nice on a windy day and trying to detangle it after a long day out
    Gracefully entering and exiting a car.......

    I can go on and on. This thread has been food for thought, but lots if fun!

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    I get why some girls just take their heels off and walk around barefoot after a night out. Also that you have to always watch how you’re sitting, don’t wanna show everyone what’s under your dress!

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    pierced earrings transmit cold more efficiently than anything engineered to do so.

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