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Thread: HRT Question

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    One of the really significant benefits that I have found is a much calmer and more patient demeanor.
    I no longer get riled by life’s aggressions and transgressions. So much less stress has indeed been felt as happiness and reflective introspection as opposed to a more testosterone fueled response.

    I’ve consciously noticed the change that has all on its own become automatic.

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    Ilene, like Pat, I would say that my moods and emotions have allowed me to enjoy small things that sometimes I may have overlooked. Is it HRT? Or is it just me finally dropping all pretense of former self? I cannot say.

    Am I happier? An unqualified: Yes. (Despite a rather crummy holiday). Does that make me feel younger? It makes me feel alive and connected. HRT is not the fountain of youth, it may, however, be the fountain of truth. At least it is for me.
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    Try not to get caught up in the side benefits... they are all just part of "being" a woman...that is the number one key.... you are chemically changing your body and ANYTHING can happen.... hair on your face is the exception...if you feel your hair getting finer, its almost certainly just in your mind...

    the only thing you can count on is those E and T numbers will change and improve ...the skin will get softer, and your feelings really will change...the other changes can take so long... i recall my breast almost immediatly became senstitive and started to grow...then it just hips changed only after SRS....and now i have a fat so take good care of yourself and enjoy whatever happens and dont get too caught up in the specifics...dont set up for any dont need it in your life with all the GD going on
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