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Thread: Why Do You Want To Wear Women's Clothes?

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    Why Do You Want To Wear Women's Clothes?

    Looking for some good answers and reasons why you want to, why you don't stop, can you stop, why should you stop.

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    I wear women's clothes because I like how they look and feel. I like seeing my legs in hose and my feet in high heeled shoes. I like finishing my day's work and changing into clothes that are totally different. When wearing female clothes the feel good factor is out of this world and why would I want to stop. I am me in whatever clothes I am wearing so I have no gender issues.

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    I see two ways to approach this question. From a top level crossdressing is stress relief, it feels good, it helps me express my feminine side etc. Digging deeper gets into the underlying causes of dressing and if I could truly answer those questions I would probably be a very successful therapist

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    "Why Do You Want To Wear Women's Clothes?"

    Because my men's clothes don't fit over my breast forms and hip and butt padding!

    Seriously, I don't know why and I long ago gave up worrying about it. I can probably tell you why an engine or motor won't run but the human mind is a mystery. Nobody can tell why a person does something although many will try to make you believe they can.

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    Because, for me, it's the most natural thing to do

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    Because they are not BORING!

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    Cause of the way they feel and look. They are so amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deebra View Post
    Looking for some good answers and reasons why you want to, why you don't stop, can you stop, why should you stop.
    I have since I was little, like many, because I felt some attraction to the clothing. I still like the way they look and the way I feel when I wear them. It feels very natural, an extension of myself. I explain it like the imaginary characters from he movie "A Beautiful Mind", the John Nash story. The desire to dress is always with me, 24/7. It's just that the life I've CHOSEN to lead hasn't allowed to me to do it as I want. Can I stop, as in never dress again? Probably not, I have stopped for very long periods, yes...years even. During those times I have found other outlets for the desire to do it.

    May I ask the same questions of you Deebra?

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    I don’t know but I think it is genetic, but needed a “trigger” which flipped on at age 5 or 6 when, for some unknown reason, motivated me to try on a pair of nylon stockings. The pleasure, feelings, sensations, etc. are indescribable, as much today as back then. The pink fog is with me, to some degree 24/7. It’s not the “wanting to” but the “need to”. Can I stop? I suppose, but why? It leads to tension, frustration, etc. as if there isn’t enough around already. I enjoy the comfort and image. My wife can’t understand what comfort there is in underwires, hose, heels, etc. I just smile 😊.

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    I am not positive of the root cause, why? I just love crossdressing and all things pertaining to it. I just want to enjoy it. Sorry, for such a shallow answer.

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    It has always been natural for me. I stopped many times through my working years. Now that I am retired, I would never stop.
    Part Time Girl

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    Actually I don't want to wear women's clothing. For some reason I "need" to wear women's clothing. Life would be a lot simpler if I was not a cross dresser. I've always taken the approach to questions such as your's that there is a difference between the "Why" and "What wearing women's clothing does for me?" Why would any man endure the disapproval of society or the contentious interactions with a wife and family members? Logic would tell us not to do it. Yet, we still do it. I was deeply troubled as a young teenager. What drove me to suddenly don my first feminine garment which was a white nylon full slip? I know what enticed me to do it. It was the lure of the fabric. I fondled those slips and liked their feel. So, I tried one on. Then I was attracted to my mother's floor length nylon night gowns. Again, the feel lured me. But what the heck lured me to the rest of it; the stockings and girdle, the panty, the dress, smeared on makeup, hair spray? It never made sense. I cannot recall anything I incurred in my mouth. I had no sisters. I had no female cousins. I did not play with girls. I was strictly all boy. But, something or someone drove me to it.

    So, I do not have a clue why I engage in this anti societal behavior. I suspect one of two things. There is a dna component to my activity. There is a sliver of some gene that governs this activity. Why does a person become an alcoholic? Or obese? Or a drug user? I think when my male personna needs a break...needs to hide away..."she" comes out. Yes, it is all too common on this forum to read the words, "stress relief." I can push those manly pressure cooker things away. I can become a pseudo woman. I can bake a cake or prepare a meal attired in male clothing just as well as attired as a woman. But, yet I feel different.

    Oh, there is so much latitude in styles. I still and always will love the feel of nylon panties and slips on my rear end and legs. Nylon is still a lure. But, there is also the fabrics. And, the colors and the patterns. As a child I was artistic. I love to draw and did win some prizes in school. I still love growing flowers for their beauty..the forms and colors.

    So, there is something or someone else who has influenced me. I never gave it much thought until the last five years when my wife started to watch programs on "past life experiences." Was there someone lingering inside me who influenced me? Perhaps. Long before I put on that first slip I did have a vivid recollection of I as a young woman. The dream was horrific. The image is still imprinted in my mind. Where or why would a four year old get such dreams?

    I'm a peace with what I do and totally satisfied with my journey through life. We have made it together.

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    Good ole "Why?" never an answer to the question and even if you do get close to one, it's never enough to stave off further questions. If we knew the answer to this then we wouldn't have a hard time trying to explain it to others. Life would be simpler.

    I also agree with Stephanie, Need is a better word.
    Flip Flops were made for Beaches & Bath Houses, We have neither in 2017. Lose the flip flops!

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    Why would I stop?? This is who I am.
    I don't know why and I have given up caring why. I have accepted myself and I love myself.

    Why do I do it? I have no clue, but my feelings are that it's genetic. I have my reasons for this but suffice it to say it's not a choice, it's more a calling and I answered...
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    I want to wear them because of the good feelings I have when I do and because it helps me accept all of who I am. I've explored whether it was influence of sisters and mom, early sexual experiences tied to wearing lingerie and pantyhose and panties, an escape from the stresses of my every day life. I echo others in saying the "why" is elusive. I don't stop because it feels like stopping is rejecting a part of me. I don't know that I could stop. If I viewed it as harmful to my relationships I could stop with help. Because my partner is accepting of this part of me, and because it is done privately I don't think I should stop. Do you feels as though you should stop Deebra?

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    Why? because it feels normal and always has, as for stopping - no reason to.....................Debra

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    I wear women’s clothing because I love the way they look and feel on me. Nothing makes my legs look as sexy as pantyhose.

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    Because it's exciting! It turns me on! It's an ever changing past time with no limits or end! I love how they feel and I look!

    And, I enjoy going out and socializing with other dressers!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Have always been attracted to them and they feel good on me when Im wearing soft n silky things under the clothes. I love looking in the mirror after I'm dressed in my outfits and think I should have been a GG at birth. It's something inside me that has come and gone over and over in my life. It's hard to stop but I did somewhat slow down to a very slow once or twice a year thru college and raising kids. After I retired it has come back with a stronger appeal and with a vengeance. I love it more now than ever before.

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    There are about as many answers to this as there are crossdressers. For me, the answer is, the clothing feels nicer, the materials are so much softer and prettier, and although I probably could stop, I have no real desire to. Everything femme just feels so much better.

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    I will never know "why". I do know I need to express the female side of my personality. I like the feel of female clothing and I love the look when fully dressed with make up and wig. It is relaxing and does relieve stress, but I did not know any of this when I started.

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    OK, Yes it does relax me, and they feel good wearing them; Bringing out the Fem side of me.
    But part of it just might be the wearing of something that Society says that I am not allow to do.
    In short, I am getting away with a NO-NO. I know it is a flimsy reason, but I just thought of it,
    And I did not see anyone else bring up the subject. So I did.
    I just like wearing a Skirt or a Dress.

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    Hi Deebra
    Just to echo what everyone else has said, I'm just doing what my body tells me to do, it's so natural, I feel special when dressed and I love dressing but given the choice and the hurt it has brought on my wife and marriage I wouldn't choose to wear women's clothes unless I needed to, but I couldn't stop now I enjoy it too much.

    Jennie x

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    Each day as I go thru my transition it becomes natural and I’ve always liked the look and feel of ladies clothing

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    I feel myself powerful

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