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Thread: My Testimonial

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    My Testimonial

    I am not much given to testimonials, but I feel one is in order here. I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for this forum, the moderators, and the hundreds of other sisters who contribute and make this a welcoming, affirming and enlightening place.

    I have lived with my femme side bottled up inside my head for over fifty years. She's always been with me, but until I found this site, I never had the opportunity to give her expression. It's as if she has finally emerged into the light of day, and it is a very rewarding and satisfying feeling. When I go back and reread my posts, I'm reading words that resonate with my true sentiments.

    I chose my femme name on a whim, wanting to sound exotic and mysterious, but every time I see it in print, I feel like it is more and more my true self. I am relating to the world from a more feminine perspective, and that is something that is sorely needed today.

    So, thanks to all of my new found sisters. Here's to many more fulfilling moments as we walk this journey together. Welcome, sister, we've been expecting you.

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    That's very nice I don't have much to say that could add anything more to it but wanted to say it was nice.
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    You have expressed sentiment that I too hold for this site. It is so valuable in many, many ways.
    The forum connects us to likeminded men [who want to be women, or at least wear their clothes]. I provides training on Girl Craft. It uplifts and supports the Crossdressing habit and renders spiritual and emotional support. The forum educates. The forum helps counsel, both the CD and often spouses. The advice and the shared experiences of others have helped me greatly in discussing my habit with my wife, and helped me with the language to address the issue. It is fun. The girls here are absolutely beautiful (and I confess to having developed a mild crush on a few sisters here).

    What is there not to like?
    Thanks for your expression of praise for our forum. I too am a believer. This place "works".
    There resides within me a Woman, and she is powerful.
    She has been my Grace and Bearing on the stormiest seas.
    I could no more deny Her than I would my own soul.

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    The 2 things I give the most credit to helping me create Sherry r:

    The girls and Mods on Which let me know I'm not alone and have taught me SO MUCH!

    My silicone female suit. Which changed me from a wavering TS to a happy CD!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Monique I'll pass the collection plate, what you wrote is spot on and I agree with it 100%. You have a deep insight that is very rare these days, and you expressed this site perfectly. We might not all agree on everything but we seem to all be in the same boat. I make it a habit of reading this forum daily and it seems I learn something new every time. Together we are stronger even if some like me are not out.
    I also would like to say thanks to the folks that keep the site in order ( mods) they have been very patient with me. I sometimes write how I feel and use words that are common in my part of the world. They do a great job of seeing this site is neutral but progressive in facts and how we feel. I've visited other site but this one is truly unique.
    I'm proud to call you Monique my sister here and I so hope I'm one of Ilene's crushes... Lol

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    After 50 years of trying to reason what was wrong with me, I also found this site. I realized that I am not alone. Information and advice from forum members helped me accept myself.
    I also learned how to better present as a woman. I read the experiences of others and realized that so many were out and about without being chased by the townspeople with pitchforks. This enabled me to gain the confidence to go out and mingle with the muggles.
    Thanks everyone. I am eternally grateful.

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    I'm certainly a different person in so many ways since finding myself here. I was only thinking today on the way home from work how much work it must be for the mods to keep things going. How much time they spend, some of the things they may read that we don't ect ect.

    Your written words are echoed a thousand times by those who use this site but sometimes ,like you have done, it is nice to see them written down.

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    I'll add to those who have found this site such a help. I joined after decades of utter isolation as far as cross dressing was concerned and I can honestly say it has been life changing. Just to know there were others like me out there helped enormously, and the friendship, advice and support you get here is amazing. One lovely member who I exchange PMs with said I had 'come on leaps and bounds' since joining, and I really feel I have done. I now go out, my presentation is better than it has ever been and I know it is thanks to the encouragement you get here. So, Monique, thank YOU for starting this thread, and thank you everyone on this forum of which I am proud to be a member.
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    Thanks for sharing Monique; lots of great folks here so enjoy!

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    Thanks for pausing and giving credit to this board and its members. It is easy to take for granite the many benefits of participating here. Also, I echo Ilene's response - well said (Note, I don't have any crushes but I do have some envy).

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    Well said. And a complete ditto from me. I've come and gone over the years, but this is the place that really, really helped me accept myself. But you something? I don't have a clue how this place came to be, or who was responsible for it. I'd really like to know. Can someone shed some light on this, or point me to the right location on the website for a history lesson?

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    And Ilene, regarding crushes, I know exactly what you mean!

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    Very nice testimony Monique, very well said...could not have said it better.

    also you and "sisters as you call it" have contributed in our forum.
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    Monique thanks for sharing your perspective. I agree with your thoughts ad have always found this site to be a great place to share and learn. Best part of this site are the genuine people who tell it like it is. I have shared and learned a lot from this site. Thanks again to you and all who help make this forum a great place.
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    I think that's how many or all of us here feel. Thanks for bringing it up and making me realize I have the same feeling about being able to come here and read about and discuss things I can't with other folks. Sherrii

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    Monique ,

    Eloquently written. I think it's almost impossible to over estimate the positive effect this site has on all our lives.
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    Nicely said.

    I've been around forums of one sort or another since the Compuserve days. This forum works well because of the work the moderators do every day.

    It also works for a number of other reasons:
    - each of us is generally respectful of others opinions and circumstances,
    - it's a place where we can express ourselves without fear of censure,
    - the subjects raised are things many of us have endured silently for a long time.

    So thank you to the moderators for their respectful, insightful work and thank you to every one else for the thoughtful and well made posts and comments.

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