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Thread: I've got more questions!

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    Rachel Rachelakld's Avatar
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    Your second post indicates that your naturally effeminate.
    To me this would indicate that you don't have 2 or split personalities (which is about as possible as sending pictures over radio waves or on an electrical cable or down a glass pipe).
    I would suspect of you have to "try" to be a male, your probably not.
    We have many males here who simply don't bother trying to be a male, they are such sweet girls that I tend to feel protective, like I do with my girls, even had one that was included in on all her girl group sleepovers.
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    My take on this internal dialog is that we think we have to be this way to that, but this is an effect of social mythology. We actually can just express ourselves exactly as we want, and not try to fit any preconceived notions of clothing or internal feelings. It worked much better for me to just let myself be. Then it was like- oh- the problem was actually trying to conform. Then I saw clearly that none of us are actually simple- but for some the compliance with stereotypes is more comfortable. But those of us who aren't don't actually cause them any problems, so we can just be the diversity of humanity freely.
    We are all beautiful...!

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    Alenko, your certainly not crazy (that is unless we all are.. Hmmm??) and as many have said I think this is going to be a lot more than a hobby for you. Whilst I do not think I am two people - Becky does behave differently, she is more outgoing and fun, its just me being able to let down some of my inhibitions and be more relaxed. When I am all Beckie'd up my senses are on steroids and I am aware of everything around me, smells, colours everything is hyper sensitive. That coupled with all the emotions and different feelings means I am reacting differently than when I am in drab. I hope that makes sense.
    A.K.A Rebecca & Bec

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    You sound terribly normal to me.
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    I think you are looking for an answer to why do we crossdress. I believe I have two personalities. One male , one female , and one body. The male is dominant, but the female is always there. I guess that I dress because I am being me.

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    -whispers- You've been possessed by a female spirit. It's okay, just roll with it ...
    "You are who you are, that's all right with me,
    But I am who I am, that's all I can be."
    -Trace Atkins, "Rough and Ready"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayliedaskope View Post
    -whispers- You've been possessed by a female spirit. It's okay, just roll with it ...
    It sure feels like it sometimes when you put it like that...

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    If I wear cycle shorts and a helmet I am not a different person - I am just enjoying being a cyclist.
    If I wear a dress I am not a different person - it is just me crossdressing!
    luv J

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    I do believe there is something more meaningful going on. Since I have literally wanted to dress as a girl since my earliest memories I have always believed that it was due to some left over connection to a previous or last life before this one. Yes, I do believe in multiple lives. My wife, however, thinks it's because my parents always fawned over girls more than boys and my dressing as a girl was my imaginative way of wishing for their approval and attention. Although her observation was true about my parents I think the fact that I had these inclinations well before I realized their preference for little girls supports my theory. I do not feel like Stephanie is taking control since she is a permanent part of who I always am. I do admit that she needs to get out now and then and can be very persistent as in what many here call the "pink fog".
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