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Thread: Do u dress for comfort or to look fabulous?

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    Comfort and femininity to the extent i am able. Being a mature lady, I will never look fab. [Sigh]

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    Ceera and Territx: we all dress differently but to one extent, exactly the same! Whatever we call it, we look in the mirror and like what we see!
    Or, not!

    If we like what we see, that is the most important thing. If anyone else does? Well, that would be nice but it's not as important!

    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleScott View Post
    It's good that Susan can dress fabulously AND comfortably. But I agree with Doc - some things are uncomfortable but necessary for many of us.
    I am a session dresser - a few hours of discomfort brings me maximum pleasure. Without a tightly laced corset, I don't have much of a waist. Sensible heels don't do it for me - I'm driven to wear the highest heels. Heavy makeup to cover a man's face. And a wig that I can't wait to put on - and take off. Same with clip-on earrings. Before I transform, putting on head-to-toe everything, I have to set the thermostat lower to avoid being uncomfortably hot and sweaty. The pleasure is worth the pain, or maybe the pleasure IS the pain.
    Comfortable is a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops ..... in guy mode.
    Exactly! I couldn't have said it any better, Nicole!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Like Terri, I dress to look as feminine, and I might say, blend in as much as possible. So fabulous... not so much but to get that blendy kind of look is nowhere near comfortable.

    Wearing a wig and/or hajib is hot... really hot. The waist cincher makes it hard to breathe. I try to get as tight a tuck as possible and after a couple of hours that is definitely not comfortable. The inevitable itches that come only after makeup is finally finished.... so not comfortable. Hip pads, bewbs, plucking eyebrows, shaving to the point of scraping off skin, super glue on nails.

    No! Absolutely not for the comfort but damn!... I feel pretty. Unfortunately, all that pain and work MAYBE let’s me blend in.
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    I am not a woman nor am I am man... I am an enby. Hi, my name is Wren.

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    For comfort but sometimes glam it up at home for the fun of it.

    Daisy x

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    I dress to blend in on top and be something else underneath.
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    Well this CD is a Comfort Dresser by your description!

    Comfy Girly Pretty Girl, probably wearing sandals and with a piece of fruit in her mouth!

    "I Always look F.A.B Virgil!"

    Stacy Tracy!
    STOP, Well I just dance the way I feel
    Stop breathing imagine none of this is real

    Well I just dance the way I feel
    Well I just dance the way I feel
    Well I just dance the way I feel
    "Ou Est Le Swimming Pool"

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    Both- I feel more comfortable when dressed femme, and I like to look beautiful.

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    I don't have many opportunities to go out dressed up but I wish I did since the look fabulous and endure the high heel sore feet, figure altering undies, pantyhose, the shortened stride form my snug pencil a part of dressing I also kind of enjoy like Sherry.
    So I may actually dress more comfortably but not truly by choice.

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    Sometimes i wake up in the morning ans just feel like putting on some of my 'she cloths" I find undies and nylons a real turn, comfortable an naural. I have a morning denim skirt i wear most mornings. My 3 inch slip on clogs are very comfy and i can wear them for hours without feeling ouchie. I dress for comfort as I am an in-houde CDer aching to explore outside adventures.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    Sounds like some of my favorite wear items.

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    At this ripe old age, I do like to dress as nice as possible. Was in Vegas over New Year but didn't go out until that Wednesday, the 3rd. Yes it was boots with my best blue dress, full under dress, full makeup, with my wig. Ended up out at Alianti for hours, felt so good and so comfortable, the night ended to soon. Never wear jeans or pants, skirt, or dress, isn't that what it is about?

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    Mine is a blend of sorts.
    First and foremost I dress to look fabulous! LoL!

    High heels no less than four and a half inches high out in public, but mostly six to six and a half inches high. Given a little platform of course.
    Do they hurt at times? Yes, but I don't mind, at least for now.

    My girl-clothing is generallly loose fitting, except for my blue dress; it's not super tight-fitting, but is snug.

    No shapers or pads for me.

    I think I kind of do, but its not that much of a concern for me.
    (I'm an attention-*****, at least that is what some consider me as, in a flattering way.)

    I cannot take the feeling of claustrophobic clothing and accessories.
    (Except collars and chokes, love 'em!)
    It just reminds me of wearing a chem-suit in full MOP.
    Or battle armor.
    No bad memories associated with either, but it just always leaves me with an icky feeling.

    In summation:
    I go with comfort whilst attempting to look fabulous as possible.
    I dig the discomfort of high heels.

    Melissa: "... and why are you dressed as a woman?"
    Coach McGuirk: "Because it's freeing."

    -Home Movies
    (cartoon series)

    Shoe size: 9 US women's.
    Dress size: M to L; 8-10.
    Height: 5' 6".

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