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Thread: FTM migrain issues

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    FTM migraine issues

    I posted this yesterday but only received 1 response so maybe the title should have been more specific
    has any FTM found their path led them to frequent and severe migraines
    were you able to draw any links to causes or need to change T or other meds?

    copied from my first post

    Hey all
    long time CD member on the MTF side here I also have a family member who is transitioned and living full time FTM
    Over time it would seem that he has developed a LOT of issues with both physical and emotionally
    Heaven knows it is a very difficult course in life to transition and be fully out in small town America beginning in JR high school
    HE is at the point now where Migraines are so frequent and debilitating that he cant work and is often unwell
    He lives about 6 hours away so I am sure I dont hear all of the goings on but i do try to listen carefully
    My question is this? Have any other guys in transition experienced a problem like this?
    at 21 a kid should be living and loving life not suffering like this
    I cant stand to watch the way he is going and seemingly getting no improvement from the medical world
    Any input is welcomed
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    Sorry to hear about his migraine issue and wish I had some solid answers.
    Migraines can be caused by many things so its hard to nail it down to one specific thing.
    Hormones? Maybe but it could be a combination of other things not related to his transition.
    I take anti seizure meds and I never had migraines before being put on that medication.
    I get migraines now but the Dr says its not related to the anti seizure meds. I think it is.
    I know a few FtMs so I will ask them if the experienced anything like that.

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