The other night I went out with the wife to a movie and dinner. All was going well as usual, but then I needed to go to the restroom. (BAD) I try to plan my restroom trips so that people will have as little discomfort as possible. I try to stop at places that have single room, or family restrooms. Next would be fast food places that are not busy. My last choice is anywhere that is busy. I go to the women's restroom because there is never anyone in the bathroom when I am around. But on this night, the movies were crowded and there was no family bathroom. Plus, there were a ton of younger kids there. So I decided that since I am not a transsexual, just a crossdresser, and that so many people in my conservative area are always on facebook complaining about the bathroom issue, I would use my birth gender restroom. I think it would be better for me to use the ladies room when I am wearing a dress pantyhose and heels, but since I know I only pass 50 percent of the time, and that how I dress isnt really anyone's business, and I don't really care what people think anyhow, then it doesnt matter to me where I pee. So lo and behold some guy comes up to me as soon as I walk in and tells me that I am in the wrong bathroom. I tell him thanks, but I have this handled. He insists that I leave and go to the womens bathroom. Sooo, I used my hush voice with him and ask if he really wants me to go to the bathroom with his wife and kids. He says you're probably right, sorry. Then he leaves. I got quite a few looks while I was in there. (less than 3 minutes) My question is do people want us to use the womens room, the mens room or just not use the bathroom at all?