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Thread: Déj* vu and firsts at last week's Houston GNO

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    Déj* vu and firsts at last week's Houston GNO

    We had another installment of the Houston Girls’ Night Out about a week ago and there were some “firsts” that happened as well as something that felt like déj* vu.

    Like last time, my plans for getting ready in a stress free place were ruined…

    I had to get ready in my vehicle…

    Annnnd… I was an hour late…
    AGAIN! (actually last time I think I was two hours late but who’s counting right.)
    Actually, I am.
    And I feel really terrible about coming in so late. I find it to be rather disrespectful. So to the ladies who were there and showed up to the drag show on time…. my deepest apologies… again.

    So about some firsts…
    We had a new forum member show up to March’s Houston GNO and she drove in from Austin. Austin is about two and half hours (give or take) from Houston to the northwest. And what was really cool about her being there was it was Shannon Michelle’s FIRST TIME OUT!!! She had a really good time. I had the chance to ride with her from the drag show to another bar that was about fifteen minutes away. Although only a short time, I felt a kindred spirit in her. We got along really well and the next place we went to had a piano player and singer playing songs from musicals (what do you expect at a gay bar?) so we were able to hear ourselves for the most part as we talked.
    One funny thing that happened when we showed up to the second place was as we were heading toward the door, Shannon said, "oh! I forgot my purse." She stopped and looked off for just a split second then replied, "ha! that's the first time I've said, 'I forgot my purse'." I guess you had to be there but it was a really fun moment that I got to see. I felt really honored to be one of the girls that was at Shannon's first time out.

    All in all it was a really good time. It went without incident but then again, we were in a part of town that is pretty "T" and gay friendly. If any of you can find a group of friendly accepting people to go with you to a friendly and accepting place, I highly recommend doing it. Wouldn’t you agree Shannon? :wink:

    (left to right) Shannon Michelle, Jeri Ann, Aunt Kelly and me
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    A fun night out sounds like you texas girls get out a bit Good for you GNOs are always fun

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    And again y'all look like your having fun. I long to get out but it will probably never happen. Sorry that you were late and had to change in the car but you did a really good job it looks like. Glad you girls had fun y'all all look great.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    I am glad everyone had a good time.

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    Sounds like a great time.
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    Sounds to me like you're over any fear of being out. Pretty neat isn't it!!

    Got to figure out how I can arrange a trip to Houston. Also hi to JeriAnn and Kelly.


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    You got the two in a row! Very nice! . Now, can you make it the triple? . Hopefully the alignment of stars that enabled you to attend this month's will hold for the next .

    Your preparations are becoming legendary. However, your pullthroughness is becoming legendary too! When circumstances beyond your control force you to prepare in your car unexpectedly, it's a super-human effort to be ready only one hour late. I can't imagine I could . . although, when you're in the situation, you find a bit extra, but still . You certainly don't look as though you prepared in a car. Nice job! .

    Congratulations to Shannon Michelle on her first time out . Hopefully the first of many despite the distance .

    You all look like you're having a good time and looking so beautiful! .

    - Lydianne.

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